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ABRAXAS/Ghost Pony Press
ABRAXAS publishes contemporary poetry, with a special emphasis on the lyric mode. They also publish poetry in translation, as well as essays, criticsm and reviews of small press poetry books.

a+ bend press
Publishers of chapbooks.

Academy Chicago Publishers
Publishes books across the spectrum.

Adventures in Poetry
Adventures In Poetry began publishing in 1968 as a mimeographed oelittle magazine," and continued through 1976 with individual pamphlets, featuring work by John Ashbery, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Bernadette Mayer, Frank O'Hara, James Schuyler, Anne Waldman and numerous others. After a long hiatus, we begin again with a series of books by both established and new innovative writers.

A.E.S. Art Books
"An italian publishing house devoted exclusively to book antique and to facsimile books." Some beautiful (if understandably pricey) work.

African American Images
African American Images publishes and distributes books of an Africentric nature that promote self-esteem, collective values, liberation, and skill development. They do not publish poetry.

Akashic Books
Brooklyn-based independent company dedicated to publishing urban literary fiction and political non-fiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream, or who have no interest in working within the ever-consolidating ranks of the major corporate publishers.

Alice James Books
Alice James Books has been publishing exclusively poetry since 1973. One of the few presses in the country that is run collectively, the cooperative selects manuscripts for publication through both regional and national annual competitions. New authors become active members of the cooperative, participating in the editorial decisions of the press. The press, which places an emphasis on publishing women poets, was named for Alice James, sister of William and Henry, whose gift for writing was ignored and whose fine journal did not appear in print until after her death.


Algonquin Books
Algonquin Books was founded as a small independent trade publisher in 1982 by Louis D. Rubin Jr. and Shannon Ravenel, with the help and support of a small group of friends and financial backers. "We've managed to remain small in the important ways while growing."

Alt-X Press
Alt-X Press brings to web-readers a must-have library of uncategorizable writing being produced by some of the most provocative artists in contemporary new media culture. As digital writing makes its footprint into the electrosphere, we no longer ask "What is literature?" but, more importantly, "What is literature's exit strategy?"

Anglo-Saxon Books
Publisher focuss on aspects of early English history, language and culture.

Anhinga Press
Anhinga Press publishes full-length volumes of fine literature, principally poetry. For nearly thirty years they have sought out the best writing available and brought it to the public in attractive and reasonably-priced editions. The Anhinga Prize for Poetry contest, which runs from January through March, draws about six hundred entries each year from around the world.

Apogee Press
Apogee Press publishes the work of innovative and experimental poets. Culturally and formally diverse, our poets share an original use of language.

Aralia Press
Aralia's mission is to issue new writing in finely printed, limited editions.

Arc Publications
Specialises in the publication of contemporary poetry from new and established writers in the UK and abroad, with special emphasis on the work of Commonwealth poets writing in English, and the work of overseas poets in translation. Arc Publications has a reputation for producing books which have a distinctive design and feel, and are printed to the highest quality.

Arrowhead Press
Quality books and pamphlets of contemporary poetry.

Arte Publico Press
The oldest and largest publisher of U.S. Hispanic literature.

Asian American Writer's Workshop Small Press Division
Since 1992, the Small Press Division has provided a supportive yet challenging opportunity for talented Asian American writers to publish their works.

Atelos Press
Atelos was founded in 1995 as a project of Hip's Road, devoted to publishing, under the sign of poetry, writing which challenges the conventional definitions of poetry, since such definitions have tended to isolate poetry from intellectual life, arrest its development, and curtail its impact.

100 Years of the Anti-tradition. Atlas Press specialises in extremist and avant-garde prose writing from the 1890s to the present day. They are the largest publisher in English of books on Surrealism and have an extensive list relating to Dada, Expressionism, the Oulipo, the College of Pataphysics, among others.

August House Publishers, Inc.
August House Publishers, Inc., is an independent, owner-operated book and audio publisher located in Little Rock, Ark. They are positioned philosophically and geographically between the Mississippi delta, the Ozark Mountains, and the Red River Valley. "When you live at such a crossroad, you quickly learn the value of stories--how they can advance a dialogue and bridge cultural differences."

Aunt Lute Books
Aunt Lute Books is a multicultural women's press that has been committed to publishing high quality, culturally diverse literature since 1982. The Aunt Lute Foundation was formed in 1990 as a non-profit corporation to publish and distribute books that reflect the complex truths of women's lives and the possibilities for personal and social change.

A radical media collective.

Avec Books
Avec Books focus is innovative contemporary writing. The work they publish has its roots in a variety of sources, including Dada, Surrealism, the work of Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, Robert Creeley, Charles Olson, Lorine Niedecker, Laura Riding, Robert Duncan and the Situationists.

Avenue B Press
Press from Bolinas, CA


New Link Bad Press
A London-based small press devoted to theory, politics,
poetry, short fiction, and new media art.

Barque Press
A small press hailing from Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, England

Beacon Press
Beacon Press is an independent publisher of non-fiction and fiction. Beacon Press is a department of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

the Bitter Oleander Press
The Bitter Oleander Press has been providing the poetry reading public with a highly deep-image driven poetry since 1974.

Black Crow Books
Dedicated to oppositional and experimental publishing, Black Crow Books is a non-profit, author-run publishing venture outside the mainstream booktrade. Unfortunately, they do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Black Dress Press
Founded in 1994 in New York City, Black Dress Press is an independent literary small press and the publisher of the literary magazine Spinning Jenny.

Black Heron Press
Black Heron Press is a literary press located in Seattle, Washington. They distribute through Midpoint Trade Books a sales and distribution service for independent publishers since 1996.

Bilingual Review Press
Bilingual Review/Press has been publishing the works of Hispanic writers since 1974. They have more than 100 titles in our backlist and publish eight to ten titles a year. Most of their books are by or about U.S. Hispanics and most are written in English, though they do feature bilingual and Spanish-only titles as well.

Black Sparrow Press
Black Sparrow Press was launched in 1966 by a Southern California businessman, John Martin, to publish the work of the then little-known (though highly respected) poet Charles Bukowski. It has continued over the past 30 plus years--growing steadily--to publish American poetry and fiction that, whether one cares for it or not, can only be described as determinedly noncommercial. And from this mix has risen some of the finest avant-garde and experimental work of the 20th century.

Black Square Editions
Little Publisher of contemporary fiction and poetry.


Black Rose Books
In 1970 Black Rose Books was created and more than 250 published books later, they continue publish intelligent, critical works, appealing to both the general public and the academic world.

Bloodaxe Books
Bloodaxe Books is Britain's premier poetry publisher, with an international reputation for quality in literature and excellence in design. It is an independent literary publishing house, founded in Newcastle in 1978 by Neil Astley joined in 1982 by chairman Simon Thirsk.

BOA Editions
BOA Editions, Ltd. is an independent, not-for-profit poetry publishing house that has received national acclaim for its books.

Bombshelter Press
Los Angeles based press, specializing in Los Angeles writers. Publishers of the magazine Onthebus, as well as books in the Bombshelter Press series.

Bottom Dog Press
Dedicated to publishing the best writing and art from the Midwest.

Brick Books
Brick Books is a small literary press based in London, Ontario. The press was started by Stan Dragland and Don McKay in 1975 and began by publishing chapbooks. We have now gravitated towards the publication of full-length volumes of an individual author's work.

New Link Bronze Word
Promoting People of Color & Women Writers

Broken Jaw Press
Broken Jaw Press and its imprints publish poetry, fiction, drama and some nonfiction, by both new and award-winning Canadian authors. oeAll praise to Blades and Broken Jaw Press for putting this work before the public. Let there be many, many, many more." þ George Elliott Clarke, The Halifax Herald

Burning Bush Publications
Publishing fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and anthologies, highlight the writing of authors whose work has been overlooked by corporate printing comglomerates.

Burning Deck Press
Burning Deck Press publishes books of poetry and two journals: Serie d'ecriture, an annual of contemporary French writing in English translation. Most issues are given to the work of a single author and Dichten=, a series of contemporary German writing in English translation with each issue focusing on the work of a single author.

Burning Effigy Press
An independent press dedicated to exposing the art of individuals and groups that create and thrive in the fringe culture.

New Link BWSG Book Project
Bengali Women's Support Group's community writing & publishing wing


Cadmus Editions
This publishing program has remained consistent over the years, sending forth the work of distinguished authors in carefully edited and designed editions.

Caju Press
As the rice of home cooks in the water of many countries, Caju's goal is to make this literature more readily available outside South Asia, in accessible and finely crafted editions. Our hope is that South Asians, wherever they may be, will bring their literary heritage to new countries, and build on them from there. Caju Press is a not-for-profit enterprise run as a community service by damian lopes and Dominic Lopes, and it depends on your support and welcomes your collaboration.

New Link Calamari Press
Calamari Press is a publisher of literary text and art, including
SleepingFish magazine. Calamari Press can be defined as an apparatus by which the impression of a living and highly edible inkpot is expressed, or the publishing establishment or building where said activities take place. In this case the printing "house" is a shoebox apartment in New York City with a few moody printers, reams of paper and a belly trimmer. Copies are assembled and bound on a foldout futon couch where the squid operator and
his partner en zyme also sleep. Coffee, enchilada, wine and other
serendipitous stains may inevitably smudge their way into the pages. Was it Freud who characterized language errors as lapsus linguini (slips of the tongue) and lapsus calamari (slips of the pen)? Regardless of who said what, these homegrown imperfections are valued.

CALYX exists to nurture women's creativity by publishing fine literary and artistic work by women. CALYX is committed to: introducing a wide audience to high quality literature and art by women; providing a forum for diversity and underrepresented writers and viewpoints; discovering and publishing emerging and developing writers; preserving publications for future audiences.

Cambrian Publications/Permeable Press
A 12 year-old alternative publisher of "science fiction polysexual erotica art satire."

Carcanet Press
Carcanet moved to Manchester in 1971. A client of the Arts Council, it has been a part of Folio Holdings since 1983. As the most significant British publisher of modern literature outside London, it has kept lines open to Europe (especially to Italy, Portugal and Germany); to America (especially to the New York School); to the Antipodes; and to the past. Carcanet publishes between 50 and 70 titles a year. Carcanet lists include: Poetry; Pl~iade; Oxford Poets; Fyfield Books; Lives & Letters; Fiction; Aspects of Portugal.

Catbird Press
Catbird Press is a small, independent book publisher with specialties in Czech literature in translation, American fiction, and sophisticated humor.

Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University
The Center for Literary Publishing exists to publish and promote quality literature in all its forms. Through publication of Colorado Review, the volumes in the Colorado Prize for Poetry series, and the Series in Contemporary Fiction, the Center seeks to celebrate writers of serious literature and introduce their work to the general public.

Chatoyant publishes short-run, beautifully designed books of literature and arts. Their vision is that literature is art, that the conversation between visual art and the written word can broaden the audience's perception of both, and that poetry can still be the language of the people. They publish work that presents a strong vision of who we are so that we may understand ourselves better, and so that future generations will know more about us.

Chax Press
A nonprofit press creating book arts editions and literary editions of challenging and innovative contemporary writing. They publish writing that does not take things for granted -- things like "what is a poem," "what is an author," or "what does it mean to read?" They distribute through Superlative Books dealing in handmade, small press & unusual books of distinction.

New Link Cherry On The Top Press
Artists books and small run pamphlets of innovative writing

Cherrybite Publications
Cherrybite magazines are for the discerning reader and the ambitious writer. They publish two journals: Peninsular Literary Magazine, a quarterly magazine of fabulous fiction, articulate articles and robust and lively readers' letters; and Reach Poetry Magazine that has been described as "accessible," and publishing poetry of no particular genre.

Chicago Book Clinic
Encourages excellence in publishing by providing a platform for educational, social & professional interaction of members. Members are professionals in book and media publishing, printing, editorial, design, and all business aspects of the industry.

Chicory Blue Press
Chicory Blue Press is a small, feminist, literary press, now focusing on the strong voices of women over sixty. Founded in 1982, Chicory Blue Press has published six trade paperbacks and twelve chapbooks.

Cinco Puntos Press
Publishing great books (for kids and adults) from the U.S. / Mexico border, the Southwest, & Mexico since 1985.

City Lights Publishers
Based in San Francisco, Ca., City Lights has been an independent publisher of cutting-edge literature and books on compelling social and political issues since 1955.

CK Publishing
CK Publishing is a highly active, independent publishing house with an enviable track record for publishing the work of previously unknown authors as well as the fresh and unique Writers Muse Magazine. So, whether you're new to writing and just starting out on the rocky road to commercial success, or a well established author looking for a fresh approach to publishing, CK Publishing may be the right place for you.

Coach House Books
Publishes Canadian poetry, experimental fiction, artist books and drama. Preserving the best of the small press tradition, they produce finely designed and crafted books in limited editions with the author integrally involved in the process.

New Link Clear Cut Press
Clear Cut Press is a publishing and distribution company from North Pacific America. Our principal business is the production of well-published, original softbound books. Our books are available by subscription, eight titles per series.

Coffeehouse Press
Coffee House Press is an award-winning, nonprofit literary publisher. They produce books by people who have been underrepresented in published literature, books that shape the national consciousness while strengthening a larger sense of community.


Comrades Press
Comrades Press produces quality books without many of the overheads associated with traditional methods. They are prepared to take risks that would probably have other publishers waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. Their goal is to publish work that they like, work that they believe in, which should be the only reason for anybody to publish anything. Comrades Press works on a non-profit basis that allows Comrades Press to produce short run chapbooks from brand new authors whose work grabs you by the throat and demands to be read or picks away at the back of your brain until there is no choice but to go for it.

Consortium Book Sales and Distribution
"Consortium is committed to Independent Presses and the fascinating and important books they bring to our world. To help promote independent presses, Consortium works with SPD Books of Berkeley, California, and AK Press of Oakland, California."

Copper Canyon Press
Has remained dedicated to publishing poetry in a wide range of styles and from the full range of the world's many cultures.

Cune Press
Cune is the place where creative artists and writers meet entrepreneurs. It is a gathering place for all who feel that art and literature are a necessity for cultural renewal. Cune Celebrates: Renaissance women and men--writers and booklovers who demonstrate skill in different realms of human activity.

CUZ Editions
A small publisher of fine books.

Publications Welcoming those who want to experiment, Cyanobacteria is lusciously innovative. Publishing Glossolalia as well as electronic chapbooks, this press is a prophet of the open-minded attitude of web publishing.

Dalkey Archive Press
Dalkey is a non-profit press based in Normal, Illinois that publishes innovative modern fiction, including reprints and translations, in additon to The Review of Contemporary Fiction. Since 1984, Dalkey has made available to readers the finest works of world literature from the past 100 years. The intention of the Press is to serve as a permanent home for these works, so that they will continue to be read by present and future generations.

Dewi Lewis Publishing
Founded in 1994 Dewi Lewis Publishing is internationally known for its photography list. Its authors include a number of the leading British and international photographers. At the end of 1997 the company launched its contemporary fiction list. The second title, Martin BoothÚs Industry of Souls, published at the end of May 1998, was shortlisted for the 1998 Booker Prize and resulted in considerable press and media interest in the company.

The Do-Not Press
The Do-Not Press is an independent publishing house founded by music journalist and promoter Jim Driver in 1994. The Do-Not Press aims to "put the pub back into publishing and the friction back in to fiction."

Doorjamb Press
Doorjamb Press, based in the Detroit Area, is a small press publishing company whose mission is to provide a variety of alternative, contemporary poetry and prose. Doorjamb publishes Dispatch Detroit Journal of Poetry and Art twice a year.

Duration Press
Duration Press publishes two booklet series -- the duration series of international poetry & ‹‹ç››. Duration Series of International Poetry is one of the few of its kind. It is dedicated primarily to poetry in translation. ‹‹ç›› is a newsletter that will appear two times per year & is dedicated to the new poetries of France. Additionally, in 2000, duration press began a unique project dedicated to providing low-cost virtual web-hosting services to the small press community. Duration Press now hosts websites for several literary journals and presses, with links to these available from their main page.


Eastgate Systems, Inc
"...the primary source for serious hypertext" -- Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review. Eastgate creates new hypertext technologies and publishes serious hypertext, fiction and non-fiction, serious, interactive writing and delivers wonderful hypertexts and fine hypertext tools swiftly, anywhere in the world.

E-Books Online
This site is dedicated to producing previously unpublished work, out of print classics and books which the author feels should be made more easily available to the reading public.

Edge Books
Publishers of contemporary poetry chapbooks and Aerial Magazine.

Electric Works Publishing
EWP publishes books in digital format (e-books).

E.M. Press, Inc.
E.M. Press, Inc. is a small publishing company established in 1991 by Beth A. Miller. Originally the company's focus was on literary fiction, often publishing first-time, unrepresented authors. We had moderate success. One of their titles, John Hyman's The Relationship, is presently under contract to become a film. However, they have since narrowed their focus to childrenÚs books, including books for young readers. They publish only the highest quality material, taking as long as 18 months to go from manuscript to bookstore shelf. Our goal is to educate, entertain, and enlighten. We plan to launch a spiritual line in the near future.
The EServer's primary function is to publish texts in the arts and humanities. Our collections include art, architecture, drama, fiction, poetry, history, political theory, cultural studies, philosophy, women's studies and music. We publish journals such as Bad Subjects, Cultronix and Sudden, disseminate information of use to scholars such as our Calls for Papers and Academy sites, and host public web pages for local projects like the Pittsburgh Community Literacy Center.

Etherdome Press
Etherdome press publishes two chapbooks per year, featuring work by poets who have had no previous book or chapbook publications.

Exact Change
Exact Change publishes books of experimental literature with an emphasis on Surrealism, Dada, Pataphysics, and other nineteenth and twentieth century avant-garde art movements. Their authors include Guillaume Apollinaire, Antonin Artaud, John Cage, Leonora Carrington, Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dalü, Franz Kafka, Lautr~amont, Raymond Roussel and Gertrude Stein, to name just a few. They also are the North American distributor for the Atlas Press based in London and publishes books exploring Dada, Surrealism, Symbolism, Expressionism, Pataphysics, the Oulipo, Fluxus, and other members of the "anti-tradition."


FC2/Black Ice Books
Since 1974, the nation's preeminent publisher of innovative, quality fiction.

Festival Press
A very small independent press out of Essex County, England.

Publisher of fine editions of experimental and language poetry. Some of its authors include Lyn Hejinian, Elaine Equi, Paul Hoover and Clark Coolidge.

fingerprinting inkoperated
A micropress specializing in innovative writing that pushes hard at boundaries & that investigates the complexities of format. fi publishes work that explores alternative modes of communication, using forms of production that enhance content.

First Intensity Press
First Intensity started as an arts and literature magazine and now continues its impressive run with the publication of several books, including a new one by Dale Smith.

Flame Books
Flame Books is an ethical publisher of contemporary fiction by new authors. We offer high royalties (by selling physical books solely online) and fair contracts to authors and also make a donation to various creative projects after every sale on the site. The shopping section will go live in the autumn when we publish our first titles and are currently looking for the most exciting new authors.

Floating Bridge Press
Floating Bridge Press is a non-profit literary arts organization, founded in 1994. Their mission is to recognize and promote the work of Washington State poets, through an annual Poetry Chapbook Award; the production of archival-quality chapbooks, anthologies, and broadsides; as well as community poetry readings.

Flood Editions
Publishers of contemporary poetry and prose and the arts journal LVNG.

Four Walls Eight Windows
"When a senior editor at a large publishing house is asked to name the best small press, the odds favor he or she will choose Four Walls Eight Windows." --Leonard Mogel, Making It in Publishing.

Fugue State Press
A small publisher of "advanced fiction" and poetry.

Futurepoem Books
A little press edited by Daniel Machlin and designed by Anthony Monahan. Recent and upcomming titles include: Some Mantic Daemons by Garrett Kalleberg and Under The Sun by Rachel Levitsky. Futurepoem manuscripts are read by a rotating editorial board.


Gival Press
An independent gay-owned house, publishes quality poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and essays which have a philosophical or social message, in English, Spanish, and French.

Granary Books
Granary Books is a publisher of artists' books, poetry and the documentation thereof. They also deal in literary and art libraries and archives of the sixties and seventies.

Graywolf Press
"It is far and away one of the best and most venturesome of the small presses. The editorial taste is superb. The energetic commitment to books is inspiring. The contribution of the press to the literary culture is undeniable and eminently valuable." --Alice Quinn, poetry editor of The New Yorker.

Green Integer Press
Edited by Per Bregne, Green Integer publishes a wide variety of works by leading artists, critics and historians. Some titles are new works by contemporary artists, others are important but overlooked works by some of history's greatest writers, and yet others, by great writers both living and long ago passed, represent significant international works which have never before been published in English.

The Greenfield Review Press
The Greenfield Review Press published its first book, a collection of inmate poems smuggled out of Soledad Prison, in 1971. Since then, the press has been a home for a great diversity of voices, including but not limited to African, African American, Arab American, Asian American, American Indian, Caribbean and Chicano poets and fiction writers. It was a multicultural publisher before the term gained wide currency, although the press defines "multicultural" as "inclusive of all cultures not just those neglected in the past."

The Guild Complex
An independent, not for profit cultural center that serves as a forum for literary cross cultural expression, discussion and education in combination with other arts.

The Gutter Press
Gutter Press is the most exciting source of alternative writing, dangerous fiction and pop culture on the Web.


Handwritten Books
". . .one of the very best 'art printers' in the US." - Ron Silliman, April 2000.

Hanging Loose
The first issue of Hanging Loose magazine was published in 1966. The editors are proud of having published many first books, including the first full collections by Sherman Alexie, Kimiko Hahn. The name was inspired by the format -- mimeographed loose pages in a cover envelope -- and that, in turn, was inspired by a very low budget. But the format was also meant to get across a point of view: that poetry is for now, not for the Ages. If you liked a poem, you could pin it to the wall. If you didnÚt like a poem, you could use it as a napkin.

Harbour Publishing
Harbour Publishing is an award-winning independent book publisher owned and operated by Howard and Mary White. The company was established in 1974 and is based on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. Includes Nightwood Editions.

Harvard University Press
Although Harvard may be said to have been a home to printing since 1643 when Henry Dunster, first president of Harvard College, inherited his wife's printing press, plates, and paper, it was not until January 13, 1913, that the Harvard Corporation established the entity known as Harvard University Press. Since then, HUP has produced one of the most prestigious and comprehensive lists of publications of the University Presses in the U.S.

Heart of Albion Press
A British small press, Heart of Albion Press specialise in short run publishing of books and booklets although future projects will mostly involve electronic publishing on disc, CD-ROM or via the Web.

Hexagon Blue
Hexagon Blue is a small independent press located in Sammamish, WA, that specializes in children's books and self-help books.

Heyday Books
Heyday Books is dedicated to producing high-quality, accessible books about California. Founded in 1974 by Malcolm Margolin, Heyday has maintained a highly-respected list of titles covering California history and culture, natural history, literature, poetry, regional guides, and California Native American life for over 25 years.

New Link Hollyridge Press
Hollyridge Press has published primarily literary fiction and the poetry review, 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry. In 2005, Hollyridge begins its Chapbook Series for established and emerging poets.

Honno Welsh Women's Press
Welsh women's press - Gwasg Menywod Cymru. Honno Welsh Women's Press was set up in 1986 by a group of women who felt strongly that women in Wales needed wider opportunities to see their writing in print and to become involved in the publishing process. Our aim is to publish books by, and for, the women of Wales, and our brief encompasses fiction, poetry, children's books, auto-biographical writing and reprints of classic titles in English and Welsh.

House of Anansi Press
Anansi never was just another literary press. It has a cultural agenda, a generational mandate, a national mission. It helped inspire a small-press movement right across the country, a movement that has done the R&D of inventing contemporary Canadian literature.

A micropress dedicated to experimental and unusual forms of poetry and prose.


New Link Illiterate Hooligan Books
Publishes anthologies of quality poetry, short fiction, and art.

Indra's Net
Indra's Net provides a brief introduction to some of the work in 'machine modulated poetry' which John Cayley has been developing since the late 1970s. Current work may be seen as part of a wide-ranging project with the general title Indra's Net or Hologography.

Incommunicado Press "The last hope for American Publishing" *Incommunicado is no longer publishing books. Site contains links where you can get info on some of the former Incommunicado authors and staff.

Inkwell Press sells products produced by the artists themselves. They call it the Self Created Content, and their goal is to help these artists market their products.

Iron Press
As publishers become more corporate, global and boring, IRON Press champions new quality writing as it has done since 1973. IRON runs events, launches, thinks literature is both serious and fun. Their policy is to find the best new writers in the North-East regions of England and elsewhere in the country and occasionally the world.

ixnay Press
Philadelphia-based publisher of new and experimental writing.


Jargon Society
In all that it does, the Jargon Society is dedicated to finding, bringing together, and focusing upon overlooked and underrated aspects of American and British culture.

Junction Books
Junction Books is a small press begun in the spring of 1999 by Carleton Wilson. The aim of this press is to present new Canadian writers and literature to the reading public by publishing limited-run chapbooks of diverse literary forms, including poetry, short fiction and one-act plays.

Just Us Books
Just Us Books, Inc. is an independent publishing company specializing in books and learning materials for children and young people. It focuses on Black history, Black culture and Black experiences. Founded by Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson in 1988, this innovative company is now considered one of the leading publishers of Black interest titles for young people.


Katabasis Press
Katabasis has published pamphlets since 1967 and books since 1989, both poetry and prose.

A publisher of Asian/diasporic literature and culture.

Kearney Street Press
KSW's small press gives voice to stories that are not heard in the mainstream. Two of their recent publications were finalists for prestigious awards: The Bay Area Book Reviewers Association Award, Pushcart Book Prize, and Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize.

Kelsey St. Press
Kelsey St. Press has been publishing innovative writing by women since 1974.

KOJA Press is dedicated to the exploration of Russian/American Avant-Gardes' crossroads. Also publishes Koja Poetry Magazine.

Kota Press
Features the Kota Press Poetry, Loss and Art Journals.

Krupskaya Books
Dedicated to publishing experimental poetry and prose KRUPSKAYA is structured as a collective body comprised of three editors who have equal responsibility for the reading, selection, design, and support of the books that are produced. The editors work together toward a consensus casting votes only in the last instance.


Leaping Dog Press / Asylum Arts Press
Publishers of contemporary literature with bark and bite, as ecstatic as the leaping dog.

Leave Books
Since its inception in 1991, Leave Books has been a small co-operative press committed to printing works of poetry, essays on poetry, and prose that challenge the formal boundaries of writing.

Left Hand Books
"In the small-press publishing scene today, Left Hand Books has carved out a unique position for itself. . . . An attention to typography and book design is reflected in the selection of works to be published, treated with the respect which good writing deserves and almost never gets. These books are a pleasure to hold, look at, and read." from "The Left Hand Path" a Review by Harry Polkinhorn

Light and Dust
Editor and Publisher: Karl Young. Titles include Membrane Press, Open Meeting, Word Press and related imprints. Publications available from Light and Dust include books, broadsides and related catalogues and new fire audio cassettes.

Lit Pot Press, Inc.
A nonprofit 503(c)3 corporation dedicated to publishing creative works
that are not easily marketable in the mainstream press.

LitPress.Com features information on current issues of Margin To Margin, a series of chapbooks dedicated to innovative prose, and the archives of Witz: A Journal of Contemporary Poetics (published 1992 - 1999) featuring essays and reviews of avant garde poetry and prose.

Living Poets/Dragonheart Press
Living Poets/Dragaonheart Press considers all submisssions for publication. No more than three poems should be submitted in the first instance and it would be advisable to study the style of those in the example download. Free verse is appreciated as is strong imagery and style. Pieces dealing with place and reaction to place are favoured above biographical anecdote.

Long Shot Productions
Launched with the assistance of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in 1982, Long Shot is dedicated to publishing publish young, exciting writers marginalized by mainstream presses. "Looking back at our accomplishments over the past twenty years, I am simultaneously filled with pride and humility. I am proud that a rag-tag group of poets with no real source of capital has managed to produce a magazine that gives a forum to voices who were previously marginalized." Dan Shot, Long Shot Productions

Lost Moose Publishing
Lost Moose Publishing publishes "books from the North about the North." They are based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and celebrates the Yukon way of life by producing and selling good quality books for the benefit and enjoyment of people who live in the Yukon territory and for those elsewhere who want to learn more about this part of the world.

Lost Roads Press
Lost Roads has published over three dozen titles to date, and is committed to bringing out essential books in contemporary literature. Poetry, short fiction, art in black and white, travel and works in translation compose its backlist. The present focus of the press is contemporary American poetry.


Manifold Press
Publisher of fine books by known & unknown poets

The Many Press
The Press when founded was part of the poetic revival of the late Sixties and early Seventies; there was a feeling, quite widely shared, that much of what was most interesting was likely to be found outside the productions of the mainstream publishers.

Many Names Press Part of the Letterpress Chappel of Santa Cruz; an internationally renown group of printers, fine hand bookbinders, and papermakers operating letterpresses which utilize lead type, photo-etched and wood engravings.

Marsh Hawk Press
Marsh Hawk Press books present forms and sensibilities that have assimilated modern and post-modern traditions but expand from these without political or aesthetic bias, outside of "schools" yet with affinities to the visual arts. The books are jury- selected and carefully edited in consultation with their authors.

New Link Mayajala Books
"set up to further the arts in a variety of mediums"

Mayapple Press
A small press established in 1978 by poet and editor Judith Kerman. They take a special interest in Great Lakes Regional poetry and poetry by women.

McPherson & Company
An independent literary and arts publishing company operated out of Kingston, New York.

In its first eighteen months, McSweeney's Books has published eight books, including novels by Jonathan Lethem and Stephen Dixon, the stories of Lydia Davis and Ben Greenman, and the illustrated biblical remakings of David Byrne. We have a growing list of new books to be published this year, including works by William T. Vollmann, Canadian phenom Sheila Heti, artist Marcel Dzama and a new novel by Dave Eggers.

Meow Press
Meow Press was founded during the Summer of 1993 in Buffalo, New York. In six and a half years of publishing (editing, designing, printing, assembling and trimming) "in the house," the press has produced more than sixty chapbooks of poetry and prose totalling nearly 18,000 copies.

Mercury House
Since its founding in 1985, Mercury House has published the work of emerging American writers and critically acclaimed representatives of world literature. The house is guided by a dedication to literary values, to works of social significance, and to the free exchange of ideas. Yet its primary goal is more specific than that: Mercury House promotes authors overlooked by the increasingly commercial publishing industry centered in New York.

Meritage Press
Meritage Press seeks to expand fresh ways of featuring literary and other art forms. Meritage expects to publish a wide range of artists þ poets, writers, visual artists, dancers, and performance artists.

Mid-List Press
Mid-List Press publishes books of high literary merit and fresh artistic vision by new and emerging writers and by writers excluded from publication for reasons of profitability.

Milkweed Editions
An award-winning, nonprofit literary publisher of high-quality books that places an emphasis on cultural diversity, environmental stewardship, exceptionally crafted poetry, and insightful literature for adults and children in the middle grades.

New Link Ministry of Whimsy Press
An imprint of Night Shade Books.

Moving Parts Press
Moving Parts Press has published handsome and innovative books, broadsides and prints under the direction of Felicia Rice since 1977. These editions of new literature, works in translation, and contemporary art explore the relationship of word and image, typography and the visual arts, the fine arts and popular culture.

Moyer Bell/Asphodel Press
Jennifer Moyer and Britt Bell established Moyer Bell in 1984 to publish literature, reference, and art books. Asphodel Press was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1990 and publishes fine literary titles.


Noemi Press publishes chapbooks of innovative poetry and fiction from new and emerging writers.

New Hope International

A small press out of Britain publishing books as well as the NHI Review, several magazines, and online selections of poetry and haiku.

New Victoria Publishers
New Victoria is a nonprofit literary and cultural organization publishing lesbian feminist literature.

Ninth Lab
Chapbooks (full text) Press edited by Jake Berry interested in language poets. Publications are available in paper or electronic format and are featured on the EPC.

Northwestern University Press
In addition to the works of contemporary European writers, the Press has also begun to reissue lost or previously untranslated works of important European authors.

New Link Night Shade Books
dedicated to publishing quality books, from a broad spectrum of genres. Writing which inspires a sense of awe and wonder. WritinSg that explores the fantastic.


Oat City Press
Printers and publishers of limited-edition chapbooks, broadsides, poetry, and short prose.

Oberlin College Press
Recent publications by Jon Loomis, Ralph Burns, Venus Khoury-Ghata, Timothy Kelly, and Max Jacob, plus Poets Reading, a collection of symposia on poets from Field. Also publishes the Field Translation Series of poetry from around the globe; Field Editions, a collection of inventive anthologies for discriminating readers; and Field Magazine, one of the country's best poetry magazines for over 30 years.

Object Permanence
Object Permanence was once a poetry magazine, and is now a small publisher with editors based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland.

October from the MIT Press
October magazine and the October book series focus critical attention on the contemporary arts and their various contexts of interpretation: film, painting, music, photography,performance, sculpture, literature.

O Books
O Books publishes innovative works of contemporary poetry as well as essays and plays by poets. Their list of authors includes younger, emerging writers and also renowned poets such as Alice Notley, the late Ted Berrigan, Robert Grenier, Fanny Howe, Carla Harryman, Tom Raworth and others.

Online Originals
The Internet's first e-book publisher, founded in 1996, dedicated to producing quality new literature regardless of its commercial potential.

Oolichan Books
Oolichan Books, founded in 1974, is situated in Lantzville, a small seaside village on Vancouver Island. Their name is taken from the small fish which was so necessary for nutrition and light in First Nations cultures. The candlefish was also a valuable commodity on the trade routes where stories and news were broadcast in the oral tradition.

Orchises Press
A small literary and general publisher located outside of Washington, D.C., publishing five to eight books a year and currently has roughly ninety-five titles, many of them original poetry. Unlike many other presses, small and large, Orchises reads unsolicited manuscripts and tries to publish books on their merit, both literary and commercial.

Oscars Press
Publishes top quality poetry anthologies by lesbians, by gay men and by women from both sides of the Atlantic.

The Owl Press
Founded in 1997, The Owl Press publishes poetry and poetic collaboration in fine paperback editions.


Paper Brain Press
PaperBrainPress announces its merge, as of August 16, 2000, with Meow Press.

Paradigm Press
Some of the best known poets, from Susan Howe to Charles Bernstein to Rosmarie Waldrop, have published books or chapbooks on Paradigm.

Paris Press
Paris press publishes fine feminist literary work in all genres.

Pas de Chance
Pas de chance was founded in 1985 and has since released over 50 limited edition publications of poetry, fiction, non fiction and art. The books are collected world-wide and are in major gallery collections and archives across the globe.

Past Tents Press
Past Tents Press is a non-profit small press founded in 1985 by Dennis Teichman, Paul Schwarz and Deborah King to support and publish writers who live, work or have a history of involvement in Detroit's cultural communities.

Paupers' Press
Pauper's Press publishes essays of literary criticism (10,000-15,000 words in length). Occasionally, they publish full-length books in philosophy and biography -- but only to accommodate an exceptional manuscript.

Pavement Saw Press
Pavement Saw press is a non-profit organization which has been publishing steadily for over six years. They specialize in finding authors who have been widely published in literary journals but have not published a chapbook or full length book. Pavement Saw Press' mission is to establish a large, efficient, non-university affiliated press, publishing works of national significance, magnitude and influence. They will publish quality books of national importance by unknown and known authors from the United States.

Britain's newest independent press, Pen&inc exists to publish the highest quality new writing from Britain and around the world. Based in the English and American Studies department at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Pen&inc has recently been awarded a Lottery grant to continue and expand on its publishing activity.

Pendragon Press
An independent publisher of science fiction, horror & fantasy

Penmaen Press
Books of first-edition poetry, fiction, and translation, printed letterpress and original art.

Pennine Pens
Independent publishers based in Hebden Bridge. "Local authors - global interests"

Pigasus Press
Pigasus Press is well known for publishing SF poetry (championed in mini-anthologies The Others Amongst Us and Millennium Blues) and for introducing some European and American writers, previously unknown to British readers, to a wider audience via the pages of various genre magazines, such as Fax 21, Premonitions, and The Zone.

Pleasure Boat Studio
Pleasure Boat Studio publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction in English language original and translation. Member of the Publishers Marketing Association, the largest non-profit trade association representing independent publishers.

A compendium of art forms and ideas, pocketbooks offers a contemporary generalist vision of Scottish culture. It is funded by the Scottish Arts Council National Lottery New Directions Programme and has also received assistance from Highlands and Islands Arts Ltd (HI-Arts). The books are small paperbacks sharing a single identifiable look and single price, £7.99. One of the most exciting aspects of the project is the involvement of a number of different co-publishers, collaborating to create a beautifully designed, broad ranging series of books to be distributed in the UK and internationally.The co-publishers include Polygon, Morning Star Publications and Aeolus, along with various galleries throughout Scotland.

Poetry Monthly Press
Poetry Monthly Press produces, from the UK only, short print run poetry anthologies, collections, family or local histories, catalogues, etc., printed in the style of Poetry Monthly magazine. (Profits go to maintaining Poetry Monthly magazine.)

Pollock Press
A small, independent, publishing company residing somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, hoping to provide an environment where new, talented, and subversive voices have a chance to be heard alongside those established artists, who have had either little or no American exposure.

Poltroon Press
Poltroon Press was established as a small, moonlit basement operation on April Fool's Day, 1975 by Frances Butler and Alastair Johnston to print and publish original works of literature and poetry, illustrated books, and scholarly works in the field of graphic design, typography, architecture, and bibliography. We have published so many titles we have lost count, but it is somewhere between 50 and 85.

The Post Apollo Press
The Post Apollo Press was founded in Sausalito, California in 1982, specializing in writing by women. Writers published on Post Apollo include internationally-known poets Etel Adnan and Anne-Marie Albiach, and novelists Marguerite Duras and Ulla Berke'wicz. Post Apollo books have received wide acclaim by noted writers in reviews in The New York Times Review of Books, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation, The American Book Review, P.M.L.A. Journal, the New England Review of Books, among others.

Potes and Poets
Press Small Elmwood, Ct. press founded in 1980 edited by Peter Ganick issuing limited editions of contemporary language and experimental poetry. Past works published from Charles Bernstein, Bruce Andrews and Leslie Scalapino.

powerHouse Books
An independent American publisher specializing in today's most orginal art photography and illustrated books.

New Link primitive publications
dedicated to bringing historically based text toward a greater accessibility.

New Link Puddin'Head Press
Puddin'Head Press is a book publisher, distributor and dealer.

Pulp Faction
Underground and contemporary fiction from the UK. "The literary equivalent of an indie record label" -- Jeff Noon.


Quale Press
Quale Press is an independent, small publishing house that also provides desktop-based services to other publishers. Quale Press offers fast turnaround, functional design and cost-effective quality. "As the word 'quale' means (see below), on one level our focus is on the connections between everything -- on the 'qualities' everything, and everyone, evinces and shares. On another level, we simply emphasize 'quality.'"

QueenSpark Books
Brighton based writing and community publishing group. This excellent site features extracts from recently books. A member of the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers

New Link Raddle Moon
"RADDLE MOON exists to make a space for risky, brilliant and over-the-top works, especially by women writers."

Raunchland Publications
Home of The Eternal Anthology, The Repository, Sound Poems & Tratak Gallery.

New Link Raw Dog Screaming
Raw Dog Screaming Press is dedicated to putting into print the highest quality literature from the fringe. If it's dark, deviant, off-kilter and thought provoking we will sniff it out.

Reality Street Editions
Publishes contemporary writing in English, and in translation from other languages. They're committed to producing well designed and printed trade paperback editions in limited runs but at affordable prices.

Red Crane Books
Publishes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that presents the rich and complex cultures of the Americas.

Red Letter Press
We publish books and pamphlets on feminism, socialist theory, race liberation, lesbian/gay activism and radical organizing.

Redline Press
Redline Press is a small independent publisher in Cambridge Massachusetts dedicated to waking up the complacient literary establishment.

Redwood Coast Press
Redwood Coast Press puts out the "bite to eat place," an international anthology of contemporary food poetry and poetic prose.

Ripple Effect Press
Located in Vancouver, B.C., Ripple Effect Press was founded in 1999 by a small group of artists and educators interested in publishing provocative fiction, poetry and art from British Columbia and beyond. Their mandate is to provide a new publishing alternative for local and international artists who are developing and experimenting with their craft. They also aim to foster an active appreciation of reading and writing in the next generation of youth.

Ronsdale Press
Ronsdale Press is a literary publishing house, based in Vancouver, and dedicated to publishing books from across Canada that give Canadians new insights into themselves and their country. The press looks for thoughtful works that reveal the author has read deeply in contemporary and earlier literature and is working to create a text with innovative combinations of form and content that can bring genuinely new insights. Their publications are represented by the Literary Press Group of Canada, a non-profit association of Canadian-owned and -operated book publishers.

Roof Books
Since 1976, Roof has published some of the most exciting writing in English. Focusing on the work of the poets who address innovative techniques in poetry, Roof continues to publish the most challenging new writers.

Room Temperature
Formerly Grist Online. E-publications of essays, poetry and reviews.

Ruminator Books
Ruminator Books is an independent press dedicated to the publication of nonfiction and fiction literary works that represent diverse voices, both new and forgotten. They strive to produce books that bring political, social, or cultural ideas to a wide and varied readership. Collectively, Ruminator books explore and enhance the concept of community on regional and global levels.

Runetree Press
Is an initiative working to support small or specialised presses and their readers. It focuses on the interplay of past and present, a "sense of place" and local history, ancient landscapes, and sustainable futures. It has access to major national libraries and other sources of information. Its information services include a specialised programme of reprints


SSO Press
SSO Press publishes under the loose definition of poetry; chapbooks, essays, comics, street art, scrolls, paper airplanes, cd's. Fine literature disguised as zines.

Salmon Publishing
Established in 1982 and based in County Clare, Ireland, Salmon Publishing is one of Ireland's premier literary publishing houses. The House began with the publication of The Salmon, a journal of poetry and prose, as an alternative voice in Irish literature. By specialising in the promotion of new poets, Salmon has enriched Irish literary publishing and now has the most representative list of women poets in Ireland.

Salt Publishing
Salt Publishing is an independent literary publisher with offices in Perth, Australia and Cambridge, England. They have a diverse and growing range of titles in poetry, fiction, literary criticism and drama.

Sarabande Books
A nonprofit literary press located in Louisville, Kentucky,  publishes quality poetry, essays, and short fiction.

Seal Press
More than 20 years of publishing women writers.

2nd Story Books
Second Story Books publishes works which navigate a relationship between narrative and lyric, interrogating implications of verbal consciousness as event and invoking fugitive conditions of time, place, and subjectivity.

Seraphim Editions
Seraphim Editions titles are distributed in North America by the University of Toronto Press.

Serendipity Systems
Serendipity Systems publishes fiction and reference works related to literature, writing, and publishing. They have been publishing eBooks since 1986. They boast four individual sites of eBooks: Fiction and Book Information Site at; A Non-Fiction Book Site at; A Newspaper Site at:; and Miscellaneous Stuff Site at

Serif & Pixel
Serif & Pixel Press is the innovative publishing branch of Books AtoZ. It exists to post creative publication ideas on-line and to publish important works not otherwise available.

Seven Stories Press
Last year, Seven Stories was named the fastest growing independent publisher in America by Publishers Weekly. The press consistently wins awards for its books, and is known for its high editorial and production standards, as well as for how well it supports its books in the marketplace.


ShadowPlay Press
Devoted to the publication of unique books that will be of high interest to young people ages 7-13.

Shearsman Books
Shearsman magazine and Shearsman Books are devoted almost exclusively to poetry, and then only poetry which might best be termed late-modernist or post-modernist. Both are edited by Tony Frazer, also editor of the poetry anthology A State of Independence (Stride Publications, Exeter, 1998).

Sherman Asher Publishing
A small literary press publishing poetry, memoir and fiction. "Changing the world one book at a time."

Six Gallery Press
By embracing innovation under the assumption that it can be used not just for verbal cleverness but also for deeper insight, 6GP hopes to create, borrowing from Joyce, "human pages." It is this open policy of admitting the possibility of any style and any content that allows their authors--no matter how varying their works are--to exist together.

Skanky Possum
"When people say community building & all that other boilerplate crap, it's not so far from the truth because these magazines actually do connect people in a way that's different from what you say when you apply for a grant" (Tom Devaney). He also discussed Skanky Possum & other magazines in terms of a long-standing tradition in magazine-dom. He held up an issue that began with a poem by Eileen Myles.
"Eileen Myles became well-known for being a good poet & also for publishing poets from the generation that came before her & publishing herself & her friends & other poets she admired. Skanky Possum is in that tradition. Hoa & Dale publish poets who might be a little older & who have offered them guidance." From A special report excerpt from the Issue Zero Conference Friday, March 10, 2000 at The Poetry Project by Brendan Lorber

Slapering Hol Press
Slapering Hol Press, the small press imprint of The Hudson Valley Writers' Center, was established in 1990 to provide publishing opportunities for emerging poets who have not yet published a book or chapbook, and to produce anthologies of a thematic nature.

New Link Small Dog Press
Small Dogs Press is a new publishing house based in Seal Beach, California. We like fiction that encourages us outside our comfort zone to see things, and people, in ways we might have not ever considered, or better yet, might have been completely terrified to consider.

Small Press Collective
"A taxidermy of the ephemeral." SPC publishes the web journals: a l y r i c m a i l e r, an e-broadside featuring recent work by a single author in each issue; distance carrier, a web magazine devoted to collaborative and multiply-authored work. Your Personality Is an Ad for Your Disposition, featuring poems by Cunningham, Chris Vitiello, and Mary Burger, along with Vitiello's reviews of recent poetry events in the Washington, DC area; and Cartograffiti, featuring work in poetry, fiction, literary and cultural criticism, visual arts and hypertext writings. Issue #1 is currently in process. It also publishes in print the SPC Newsletter.

Sniffy Linings Press
Works with an experimental edge.

SPANNER is a samizdat magazine which focuses on particular authors or subjects in each issue. SPANNER also publishes êeditionsÚ and distributes some editions by other presses.

Spectacular Books
"each of these small books weighs our vision and touch, preparing us for the play of wonder and energies inside." --Jack Kimball, Jacket Magazine

New Link Spellbound Books
handcrafted editions of surreal novels and short stories, based in Brighton

Spinifex Press
Spinifex Press celebrates 10 years in 2001 as an independent feminist press, publishing innovative and controversial fiction and non-fiction by Australian and international authors.

Soft Skull Press
Soft Skull Press is fearless, progressive, punk-rock/hip-hop literature. Based in New York City's Lower East Side, Soft Skull publishes the history, pop culture studies, art, poetry and fiction that fuel the vanguard.

SoHo Press
Soho Press primarily publishes fiction, with the occasional autobiography or cultural historical account. Though eager to accept a wide range of literary fiction, they are generally unenthusiastic about publishing formula fiction, young adult dramas, stock romances, juvenile literature, cookbooks, self-help, fantasy, westerns, and anything that might recommend itself as a "quick read."

South End Press
"Books that inspire radical social change."

Southern Illinois University Press
Publishes about 60 trade and scholarly books annually in a variety of fields ranging from film and thearter studies to Civil War history.

New Link Snake Nation Press
Snake Nation Press modifies the chaotic impression of the publishing world by creating an informative, non-threatening venue for writers to submit work.

Station Hill/Barrytown
Station Hill/Barrytown is an independent book publisher of innovative works offering human alternatives in a broad range of areas, with special interest in literature (contemporary poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and thought), non-Western disciplines, alternative health (including Oriental Medicine), mind/body therapies, spiritual possibilities (Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen, etc.), cooking (e.g., organic, lactose-free), etc. In addition, they are now developing a full scale on-line bookstore, art gallery, performing arts center, health and bodywork resource center.

Stone Bridge Press
Specializing in books influenced by Japanese and Japanese-American culture, Stone Bridge Press is also an SPD neighbor (both are based in Berkeley).

Story Line Press
Story Line Press is an independent, non-profit publisher located on a farm outside Ashland, Oregon. Story Line celebrates the art of the story through poetry, fiction, criticism, writer's guides, memoirs, translations, and essays. It publishes more than 200 authors and has sponsored The Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize. In addition to publishing, Story Line also cultivates the audience for literature through outreach programs such as The Rural Readers Project, which brings poets and writers to under served, rural schools and communities.

StreetCorner Press
They have two chapbooks, a guidebook for graceful living in the new year, and the appearance of the CHOICES program in a handbook for parents by popular demand slated for a 2000/2001 release. They are members of the Publishers Marketing Association, the largest non-profit trade association representing independent publishers.

Stride Publications
With its commitment to innovative poetry and fiction by known and unknown authors, a wide-ranging anthology series, Conversation Pieces featuring criticism and interviews, and a series of Stride Research Documents, it's no wonder the Times Literary Supplement called Stride 'one of the most impressive small presses' or that The South said Stride is 'the most prolific and adventurous small press in Britain'.

Subpress Collective
Subpress collective is a group of nineteen individuals who have agreed to donate 1% of their yearly income toward the publication of nineteen books of poetry over the course of three years. Each member of the collective is responsible for choosing and editing one book. The collective aims to publish the work of younger writers and writers whose work would otherwise be inaccessible to the public.

Sun and Moon Press Archives
Archives of the Sun & Moon Press, Douglas Messerli's "alternative" publishing venture, dedicated to experimental poetry, fiction and drama, begun in 1976 in College Park, Maryland, and now located in Los Angeles. The collection documents the publishing history of the press over the first 25 years of its operation and incidentally informs the literary careers and, in some cases, the personal lives of numerous American and international literary figures and artists.

Sundress Publications
Sundress Publications is the blanket site of the publications Stirring, Samsara, supralurid, Spank Thru, and Sometimes City.


Talon Books
Publishes poetry, fiction and drama, as well as non-fiction books in the fields of ethnography and environmental and social issues. In 1997, Talonbooks celebrated its 30th anniversary as a book publisher by rededicating itself to its literary roots, renewing its commitment to publishing only works of national and international excellence, whose authors happen to be Canadian.

TamTam Books
TamTam Books is a publishing house that specializes in 20th Century International literature.TamTam Books is devoted to reprinting lost masterpieces, presenting them to a large English speaking audience.

Ten Penny Players, Inc.
The Waterways Project of Ten Penny Players, an arts in education program, uses the arts to integrate literacy, creative expression, publishing, performance, service learning, computer skills, and critical thinking into a curriculum created for a network of schools, libraries, community based organizations, and distance learners. Through workshops, publications and performances, Waterways encourages all participants to actively engage in creative communities.


Theater Communication Group
"Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for the American theatre, offers a wide array of services in line with our mission: to strengthen, nurture, and promote the professional not-for-profit American theatre."

Third Woman Press
Third Woman Press provides a forum for the written and visual expressions of women of color. They support intellectual activism by publishing the works of upcoming and established artists, writers, and performers. They aim to make alliances among women of color in order to imagine a new political class centering sexuality, race, and gender. They invite readers to collaborate with them in envisioning a world for women of color that incorporates migratory, diasporic, and indigenous women both within and beyond U.S. national borders.

Thirteenth Tiger Press
An independent chapbook press publishing poetry and prose.

Thistledown Press
Thistledown Press is first and foremost a literary publisher; the house enjoys a reputation for producing distinctive and award-winning poetry and fiction by both emerging and established writers. Thistledown publishes books by Canadian authors only, although they have co-published titles by authors outside Canada.

Thoth Publications
Thoth Publications, specialising in the metaphysical, was started in the 1980s to supply like-minded people with many of the titles required for private study. It is still run on the same principles today.

Three Rail Press
Three Rail Press is an independent book publisher founded in 2004 to publish original works in English of the highest artistic merit. We publish sturdy, hard-cover volumes. TRP books are not just for the mind, the heart, the ear and the mouth, but also for the nose and the hand. We want our books to be as pleasing to behold and to manipulate as the newest, sexiest notebook computer. This means going back a few years, in terms of production values. As physical objects, our books are designed and manufactured to emulate
production values of the trade from the 1940's. We publish primarily
original poetry of the highest literary merit.

Tia Chucha Press
One of the more notable small presses publishing poetry in this country.

Toby Press
The Toby Press offers never-previously published books from American and British writers. Both first-time novelists of exceptional talent and long-established and experienced writers are represented.

Trout Lily Press
Trout Lily Press has very small ambitions: to publish limited-run, beautiful books of poetry and prose. Print runs rarely exceed 500 books, and many involve hand assembly.

TSAR Publications
Publishers of outstanding new Canadian, American and International fiction, poetry, and cultural criticism. Specialists in multicultural and South Asian, Asian, African and Caribbean titles and publishers of The Toronto Review of of Contemporary Writing Abroad.

Turnstone Press
A small literary press located in Manitoba--the middle of the Canadian prairie--Turnstone Press is one of the most highly regarded literary presses in Western Canada. Conceived in 1975 in a Winnipeg pub by four original board members, Turnstone Press has become a consistent and respected presence within the industry, publishing not only poetry but also fiction, literary criticism and non-fiction.

Tuumba Press
Tuumba Press was founded by Lyn Hejinian in 1976, and between then and 1984 Hejinian produced 50 handset letterpress chapbooks. Tuumba was revived in 1999 to publish (in conjunction with Leslie Scalapino's O Books) Uxudo, by Anne Tardos. Two other books, Red Car Goes By by Jack Collom and Orchid Jetsam by Leslie Scalapino (writing under the name Dee Goda) followed. Lyn Hejinian remains the editor; cover production and design is by Ree Katrak.

Twisted Spoon Press
Based in Prague, Twisted Spoon Press is an independent English-language small press devoted to publishing new writing, translations, and graphic art from Central & Eastern Europe. The list includes native writers and those from the expatriate community, some internationally recognized names as well as authors who are having their work published in English for the first time. Twisted Spoon offers a unique selection of literature in well-made volumes that are carefully translated and designed.


Unfinished Monument Press
Unfinished Monument Press was founded in 1978 by Chris Faiers. Under his leadership, the press published 36 poetry collections. Mekler & Deahl took over the press in 1995 and has continued to emphasize people's poetry.

United Artists Books
United Artists Books (formerly Angel Hair Books) was founded in 1967. It is one of the oldest independent publishing companies in the United States that focuses primarily on publishing books of poetry.

University of Chicago Press
The largest and one of the oldest of the American university presses. They publish books for academics as well as for general readers.

University of Illinois Press
This press has been the scholarly publishing division of the University since 1918. They currently publish approximately 120 books and 12 journals per year.

University Press of the South
University Press of the South is a company dedicated to the publication of quality academic manuscripts in several languages. They are looking for fiction manuscripts to expand their fiction series. The UPS uses peer-review to insure sound and professional work, their academic series are extensive and of the highest standards.


Vane Women
Vane Women is a writers' collective from the North of England. They run a Press and workshops and are performers on the stage as well as on the page. They take their name from Darlington's Art Centre's address at Vane Terrace, which is their base camp. "Vain but not plain . . ."

Valentine Publishing Group
A small press publication group with two presses: Blue Beginnings Publishing and Red Hen Press.

Van West & Company
Van West & Company is an independent publisher devoted to poetry. Founded in 1999 and located in Ballard (a fishing village that is part of Seattle) they have published Molly Tenenbaum and Melinda Mueller, among others.

Vehicle Editions
Vehicle Editions has employed commercial printers and binders for some titles, done all handwork at the kitchen table for others. The authors of Vehicle Editions share an intensive and intimate relationship with language itself.

Véhicule Press
For twenty-eight years V~hicule Press has been publishing prize-winning books: poetry, fiction, social history, Quebec Studies, Jewish studies, jazz history, and restaurant guides. In 1975 the press became Coop~rative d'Imprimerie V~hicule--Quebec's only cooperatively-owned printing and publishing company.

Vennel Press
A small press founded by Leona Medlin and Richard Price in 1990. Publishing modern Scottish poetry, poetry associated with 'The Poetry Workshop' (London), and modernist poetry in translation.

Verse Press
Verse PressÚ mission is to support excellence and innovation in poetry wherever those qualities can be found. The press is currently focusing on poetry by younger American poets, poetry in translation, and creative prose by poets.

Verso Books
Verso (meaning in printers' parlance 'the lefthand page') was founded in 1970 by the London-based New Left Review, a journal of left-wing theory with a worldwide readership of 40,000. The company remains independent to this day. Originally trading as New Left Books, the company developed an early reputation as a translator of classic works of European literature and politics by authors such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Walter Benjamin, Louis Althusser, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Ernest Mandel and Max Weber. More recent translations include the work of Giovanni Arrighi, Norberto Bobbio, Guy Debord, Giles Deleuze, Che Guevara, Carlo Ginzburg, Andre Gorz, J rgen Habermas, Gabriel Garcüa Marquez and Paul Virilio.

Versus Press
An independently owned small publisher whose primary goal is to provide a literary forum for emerging and established writers who carry messages that are at once subversive, progressive, urgent, political, but altogether needed.


We Press
We has been publishing in varied media formats since 1986. Operating on little (and sometimes less than little) budget, We has managed to produce 18 Issues of We Magazine, a large number of chapbooks, books, broadsides, posters, cassettes, a video and Descriptions of an Imaginary Univercity.

Web Del Sol
WDS is a collaboration on the part of scores of dedicated, volunteer editors, writers, poets, artists, and staff whose job it is to acquire and frame the finest contemporary literary art and culture available in America and abroad, and to array it in such a manner that it speaks for itself. The purpose of WDS is therefore multi-fold.

Produced by Telfer Stokes and Helen Douglas, the publications demonstrate an exploration of book form to structure visual narrative.

Wesleyan University Press
Publishing in its current form since 1959, Wesleyan University Press has lived through many transitions while continuing to thrive. It has published an internationally renowned poetry series since its inception, releasing more than 250 titles and collecting four Pulitzer Prizes, a Bollingen, and two National Book Awards in that one series alone. The mission of Wesleyan University Press is to develop and maintain a sound and vigorous publishing program that serves the academic ends and intellectual life of the University.

Westhouse Books
A very small independent press out of Sheffield, England publishing poetry, prose and creative non-fiction.

White Pine Press
A literary press established in 1973, publishing literature from around the world, including poetry, fiction, essays, short stories and literature in translation.

Wild Honey Press
Wild Honey Press specialises in hand made chapbooks having, usually, between twelve and thirty pages.

Wind Publications
Wind Publications is an independent, literary, small press located in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Since its inception Wind Publications has followed the goal of seeking out and publishing new and emerging as well as established writers from Kentucky and the world.

Winter House Editions
Winter House Editions is a publisher of limited and trade editions of literary works, books on design, and other important texts which might be neglected by ordinary publishing routes.

Word Press
Word Press publishes and distributes the best new poetry and criticism through several annual contests and other channels.

An independent publisher of poetry in the Washington, DC, area. Sponsors the annual Washington Prize, a national poetry book award, as well as a Young Poets Award and two reading series. The press also publishes the work of local poets through its Capital Collection series and poetry in translation through its International Editions. Poets published by The Word Works include Deirdra Baldwin, Christopher Bursk, Grace Cavalieri, Ron Mohring, and Fred Marchant.

Working Press
"Blowing the classist cobwebs off culture. . ." Working-Class artists self-publishing and collectively distributing offset -litho books. Their list serves as a marker to signal the existence of a Working-Class identity with its own cultural values and forms. A simple enough fact but often denied by the dominant culture.

Writers Press
Until now self published authors and writers of low volume literature have had to suffer with the insanely high costs of offset printing. Using digital on demand printing Writers Press uses a writer's money wisely, redirecting effort into formatting, cover design, or marketing

The Writing Space

The Writing Space was founded in Toronto in 1990 as a small press and writers' organization.


an e-chapbook publisher devoted to experimental poetry. It is edited by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.

Ye Olde Font Shop
Ye Olde Font Shoppe wants to bring poetry back to the grass roots, and the World Wide Web gives us that chance. We publish poetry chapbooks and perfect bound. Our poets are from around the world, as well as close to home. We specialize in Connecticut poets and in the newest generation of Beat Poets.

Yellow Moon Press
Yellow Moon Press is committed to publishing material from the various arts of the oral tradition. Their goal is to make available material that both explores the history of the oral tradition and breathes new life into it.

Zasterle Press

Zephyr Press
A small but daring independent publisher of literary and travel titles focusing on contemporary works of and about Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe.

ZERO Press
In the fall of 1948 the ZERO Press was established in Paris by G. P. Solomos (aka Themistocles Hoetis) and Asa Benveniste, two ex-G.I. Americans. In 1998 the ZERO Press celebrated 50 years of publishing - from Paris, Tangier, Mexico City, New York, London, Philadelphia and Dublin.

Zoo Press
Zoo aims to publish the best emerging writers writing in the English language, and will endeavor to do it at the rate of at least 10 manuscripts of admirable quality a year. In addition, Zoo believes in the need for presses devoted to the work of emerging writers.


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