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Alliance for Emerging Creative Artists
Description: Alliance of Emerging Creative Artists (AECA) is an organization dedicated to the presentation and promotion of emerging artists of all disciplines who represent the diverse communities of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. AECA seeks to be a resource for artists by helping them learn about the artistic continuum of which they are a part, by providing the means necessary for them to further develop and refine their artistry, and by teaching the skills necessary for self-reliance and self-determination of their careers.

Academy of American Poets
The Academy of American Poets was founded in 1934 to support American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry. The largest organization in the country dedicated specifically to the art of poetry, the Academy sponsors programs nationally such as fellowships, awards, poetry prizes, readings and funds for poets and publishers. The Academy also sponsors National Poetry Month (April), the Poetry Book Club, and the Online Poetry Classroom. In addition, the Academy maintains one of the liveliest and most comprehensive poetry sites on the Internet

Afterwords Literature
A retailer of small/mirco press literature, focusing on Canadian presses and writers.

American Booksellers Association
the American Booksellers Association is a not-for-profit trade organization devoted to meeting the needs of its core members--independently owned bookstores with store front locations--through advocacy, education, research, and information dissemination. The ABA actively supports free speech, literacy, and programs that encourage children to read.

Where the Digerati meet the Literati. "The best site on the web for cutting-edge fiction, criticism, and hypertext." --Details

Alternative Press Center
The Alternative Press Center (APC) is a non-profit collective dedicated to providing access to and increasing public awareness of the alternative press. Founded in 1969, it remains one of the oldest self-sustaining alternative media institutions in the United States. For more than a quarter of a century, the Alternative Press Index has been recognized as a leading guide to the alternative press in the United States and around the world.

Arizona Book Publishing Association
Founded in Phoenix in April of 1992, the Arizona Book Publishing Association serves the needs of Arizona book publishers and promotes the publishing industry in our state. With more than 150 publisher and associate members, the ABPA continues to grow each year. Membership is open to all publishers and associates interested in the book publishing field.

Art In Chicago
The mission of Art In Chicago is to promote art and the culture in all their manifestations in the City of Chicago and surrounding areas. In these pages you will find the events that are happening: cinema, theater, music, poetry, visual arts and also critiques and links to organizations and artists.

Arts Victoria
Arts Victoria delivers services and programs to enhance the contribution of the creative industries within the Victorian community. A Division of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Arts Victoria provides high quality advice and leadership in the implementation of the Government's arts policy.

An on-line communication network for the arts provided by the New York Foundation for the Arts. Lists numerous links to regional and national arts organizations. It has provided the arts community and the public with an online network that invites the open exchange of information and interaciton among users.

Asian American Writer's Workshop
The Asian American Writer's Workshop, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, development, publication and dissemination of Asian American literature. The Workshop publishes books on Asian America, The Asian Pacific American Journal, and a literary magazine Ten; sponsors readings; offers creative writing workshops; presents performances; offers fellowships to aspiring Asian American writers; produces CreateNow -- a youth program; presents The Annual Asian American Literary Awards; and operates The Asian American Bookseller -- the most comprehensive collection of Asian American books and magazines in the country.

New Link The Association of Canadian Publishers
The Association of Canadian Publishers represents over 140 Canadian-owned book publishers, with members from every province, and publishing sector including literary, general trade, scholarly and education. In all its activities, the ACP aims to encourage the writing, publishing, distribution and promotion of Canadian books.

Association of Writing Programs
Since 1967, AWP has supported writers and writing programs around the world. They now support over 21,000 writers at over 320 member colleges and universities and 60 writers' conferences and centers.

Association of American University Presses
The AAUP is an umbrella organization for university-affiliated publishers (mostly of journals). The AAUP is the largest and oldest association of nonprofit scholarly publishers in the world. Their 121 members include university presses, scholarly societies, research institutions, and museums.

Association of Authors and Publishers
AAP, the Association of Authors and Publishers, is a non-profit association based in Houston, Texas, and comprised of authors (and would-be authors), editors, artists, printers, publishers, self-publishers, marketers, distributors, booksellers -- anyone associated with the production, developing, marketing and distribution of books.

Association of Authors' Representatives
The AAR was formed in 1991 through the merger of the Society of Authors' Representatives (founded in 1928) and the Independent Literary Agents Association (founded in 1977). The AAR's objectives include keeping agents informed about conditions in publishing, the theater, the motion picture and television industries, and related fields; encouraging cooperation among literary organizations; and assisting agents in representing their author-clients' interests.

Audiences for Literature Network (ALN)
The Audiences for Literature Network started as a group of eight literary centers which were brought together through a grant program of the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund. Since its inception, the ALN has been developing strategies to work with schools, sports teams, museums, local public radio stations, arts centers and a whole host of community organizations to involve more people in their communities in writing and reading.

New Link Austin Poetry Society
The Austin, Texas, chapter of the Poetry Society of Texas and an affiliate of the Academy of American Poets. APS members engage in outreach to the community, meet informally to hone their poetic skills. An eclectic array of speakers address the society at mothly meetings, and the society offers monthly and annual competitions as incentives. Membership is open to all, and visitors are welcome to sit in on meetings.


New Link The Basil Bunting Poetry Centre
The Basil Bunting Poetry Centre in the University of Durham fosters study and research on Northumbrian poet Basil Bunting, and on poets associated with him through the region, or on the modernist/post modernist tradition. The Centre also continues to promote the practice of "live" poetry reading which Bunting championed, and gives support to the development of the Basil Bunting Poetry Archive in the University Library.

Bread Loaf Writers' Conference
An annual conference held in an old Victorian summer resort and sponsored by Middlebury College.

New Link Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)
Description: The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (formerly MSPA) is a non-profit educational organization devoted to elevating the art of publishing. We act as a liaison, clearinghouse, guide and cheering section for those who wish to pursue small scale, independent publishing as an alternative to the commercial author/publisher contract system. We provide educational programs for independent publishers at our Saturday meetings and at our annual seminar; networking; marketing opportunities; and information on industry vendors and services. Program information is listed each month on our web site. Features: Monthly newsletter, membership directory, sponsors workshops, promotion of members' publications, world wide web site.

New Link British Electronic Poetry Centre
The BEPC serves British poetry's diverse traditions of innovation. It provides a reference guide to contemporary poetry, plus poems, performances, and critical debate. Development of this site was funded by the AHRB and the School of Humanities, University of Southampton.

Bronx Council on the Arts
Bronx Council on the Arts celebrates 38 years of stimulating community interest in the arts through programming and technical assistance. BCA has become a leader in the fields of Grantmaking, Programming, Arts Education and the use of cultural strategies to help revitalize local communities.

Bureau Sur l'Atlantique
Description: Founded by Emmanuel Hocquard in 1989, the non-profit association Un bureau sur l'Atlantique continues to advance the knowledge of American contemporary poetry in France, by:
* inviting to France American poets and regular programming of events : collective translation seminars, readings, meetings
* publishing translations and anthologies.


Contemporary American Poetry Archive
CAPA is an electronic archive designed to make out-of-print volumes of poetry available to readers, scholars, and researchers. The books are stored as individual text-only files accessible via the World Wide Web on the Internet.

The Center for Arts and Culture
America's only independent think tank for arts and cultural issues. Promoting intelligent and informed debates on those dimensions of American life where culture and policy meet.

Center for the Book
The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, created by an Act of Congress (Public Law 95-129) in 1977, was established to stimulate public interest in books, reading, and libraries and to encourage the study of books and print culture. For state affiliated sites, see State Center Affiliates.

Charlottesville Writing Center
The Charlottesville Writing Center is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 and dedicated to bringing instruction, connection, and encouragement to writers in the Charlottesville area.

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs
The city of Chicago's department of cultural affairs helps fund and provides information on cultural and artistic programs and services in the Chicago area.

Chicago Women in Publishing
The mission of Chicago Women in Publishing is to provide a forum to recognize and promote the advancement of women in all fields of the publishing industry.

Colrado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)
Description: CIPA provides Colorado region publishers with opportunities for networking, promotion of their publications, and education. Features: Newsletter, membership directory, exhibition services, sponsors workshops, world side web site, promotes members' publications, annual book awards, and annual convention.

The Conservation Company
For over two decades, The Conservation Company has provided strategic planning, program development, and management consulting services to foundations, nonprofit organizations, corporate community involvement programs, and government agencies. They have developed substantive knowledge and expertise in fields as diverse as education, arts and culture, community and economic development, human services, health care, children and family issues, and the environment.

Consortium Book Sales and Distribution
The Consortium is committed to Independent Presses and the fascinating and important books they bring to our world. To help promote independent presses, Consortium works with SPD Books of Berkeley, California, and AK Press of Oakland, California.

Council for Literary Magazines and Presses
Independent literary publishing requires a unique balance of art and business. Organizational strength and good business practices are as necessary to the survival of these publishers as their editorial work is to the vitality of American letters. As the service organization to these publishers, the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses guides literature through the business of publishing


Dia Center for the Arts
For over twenty years, Dia Center for the Arts (formerly the Dia Art Foundation) has played a vital and original role among arts institutions in New York, as well as nationally and internationally, by initiating, supporting, presenting, and preserving projects in nearly every artistic medium, and creating a primary locus for interdisciplinary art and criticism.

D.C. Poetry
Description: exists primarily to promote the Ruthless Grip, in your ear, and Bridge Street Books reading series as well as the work of our readers. The anthologies contain work by writers who have read in the reading serieses; unsolicited manuscripts are not considered.
The site also attempts to document some of the history of alternative or non-mainstream poetry activity in D.C. by gathering already-existing information and new contributions from those who were involved in the scene.

Double Change
Description: Double Change was founded in 2000 in order to juxtapose, unite and reunite the poetries of France and the United States in a new bi-national, multi-faceted forum. Established as a not-for-profit organization in Paris and with editorial boards in both France and the U.S., Double Change looks to represent a diverse, eclectic spectrum of poetic activity in both countries.

Dublin Writers' Workshop
The Dublin Writers Workshop is the city's oldest active writers group. It was founded in 1982 and its original home was the Oak Public House on Dame Street, hence the title of its anthology - Acorn and the online Review.


Editorial Freelancers Association
The Editorial Freelancers Association is a national, nonprofit, professional organization of self-employed workers in the publishing and communications industries. Founded in 1970, EFA works to raise the professional status of its members and to make the freelance life more dynamic and rewarding.

New Link The Electronic Literature Organization
Established in 1999 to promote and facilitate the writing, publishing, and reading of electronic literature. Electronic Literature Organization programs support new forms of literature that utilize the capabilities emerging technologies to advance the state of the art for the benefit of present and future generations of readers. Since its formation, the Electronic Literature Organization has taken great strides in creating programs designed to assist writers and publishers in bringing their literary works to a wider, global readership and also to provide them with the infrastructure necessary to reach one another.

Electronic Poetry Center
The EPC serves as a central gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics produced at the University at Buffalo as well as elsewhere on the Internet. Their aim is to make a wide range of resources centered on contemporary experimental and formally innovative poetries an immediate actuality. The Electronic Poetry Center contains a lot of writing, and there is more. The EPC offers a wide range of poetry and poetics resources.

Ernest Hemingway Foundation
The Foundation fosters understanding of the life and work of Ernest Hemingway with emphasis on his Oak Park, IL. origins and his impact on world literature. Its mission reflects The Foundation's belief in the importance of the written word and the value of thoughtful reading and writing.


Factory School
Home of Meow Press/Paperbrain Press and the journal Zazil2. "The component parts of Factory School, of which Zazil2 is one, have risen up over time on the wide sea of FS worker activities, and while the waves crest and fall over a deep and enriching tidal energy, the sea remains difficult to navigate, let alone map, since our shores bear no lighthouses to guide our vision and steerage. We've chosen black as a background on purpose."

Favorite Poems Project
During the one-year open call for submissions, 18,000 Americans wrote to the project volunteering to share their favorite poems -- Americans from ages 5 to 97, from every state, of diverse occupations, kinds of education and backgrounds. From those thousands of letters, the Project has culled several enduring collections.

New Link Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers
Umbrella organisation for independent writing workshops and Community publishers. "Working to make writing and publishing accesible to all"

Florida Center for the Book
Florida Center for the Book celebrates the literary heritage of Florida, brings readers together and promotes books, reading, and libraries. It acts as a catalyst and network for individuals and organizations interested in the book. FCB encourages development and expansion of the community of the book throughout Florida.

Florida Publishers Association, Inc.
Description: The Florida Publishers Association, Inc., was originally organized in 1983 by Betty Wright (Rainbow Books, Inc.) to provide Florida's growing group of book publishers with an opportunity for education and networking and to provide its members with a clearinghouse for publishing information. FPA began with only six members, but with the skyrocketing popularity of self-publishing and the subsequent rise of the small press, FPA's numbers have steadily increased.
FPA's mission is to continue founder Betty Wright's vision of providing Florida's book community with an opportunity for education and networking. The organization also takes a strong First Amendment stance and assists the Association of American Publishers in its efforts to ensure our publishing freedoms by contacting legislators when free speech, publishing and copyright issues are at stake.

Foundation Royaumont
Founded in 1964 by art patrons Henry and Isabel Goüin, the Royaumont Foundation is the owner of the abbey it occupies. Royaumont Abbey is a listed building open to a wide range of publics. As France's leading private cultural foundation, it is a member of the Association of Cultural Meeting Centres and of the European network of Cultural Centres based in places of historical interest.


A Gathering of the Tribes
Through its public programs and publications, A Gathering of the Tribes creates a performance venue and meeting place for artists and audiences to come together across all artistic disciplines, all levels of complexity, and all definitions of difference. In this pan-disciplinary, multi-cultural environment, artists exchange ideas, create peer relationships and find mentorship. At Tribes' gallery and public events, audiences experience the voices and visions of artists traditionally ignored by mainstream media. Through Tribes' publications, readers encounter a unique synthesis of literature, visual art, criticism and interviews with artists of all kinds.

Georgia Writer's Association
A statewide association serving Georgia's diverse literary communities.

Gotham Writer's Workshop
GWW takes you and your writing seriously. Their classes are not therapy or a lovefest. They are about learning to write. GWW believes that talent cannot be taught, but it can be nurtured. GWW workshops teach you the craft and provide the structure of assignments and deadlines that get you writing.

Great Lakes Booksellers Association
The Great Lakes Booksellers Association is formed to support bookstores and to promote excellence in the publishing, distribution, promotion and selling of books. It aims to provide a forum for communication and the exchange of information at the regional and national levels; to foster a sense of community among booksellers in their region; to provide information and services for the benefit and advancement of their members; to promote literacy; and to support the First Amendment rights of members.

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center
The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC) was founded in 1980 as a nonprofit, multidisciplinary organization whose mission is to preserve, promote and develop the arts and culture of the Chicano/Latino/Native American peoples. Theirs is the largest institution of its kind in the U.S. The GCAC manages and provides artistic development for six component programs of the Center, including Dance, Literature, Media Arts, Theater Arts, Visual Arts and Xicano Music.

Guild Complex
Independent, not for profit cultural center that serves as a forum for literary cross cultural expression, discussion and education in combination with other arts.


New Link Haiku Canada
Description: Haiku Canada is a society of haiku poets and enthusiasts dedicated to: promoting the creation and appreciation of haiku and related forms (tanka, renga, senryu, sequences, haibun, and visual haiku) among its members and the public at large; and fostering association, friendship, communication and mutual support among haiku poets in Canada and abroad. Haiku Canada was founded in 1977 by Dr. Eric Amann, Betty Drevniok and George Swede. First called the Haiku Society of Canada, it was renamed Haiku Canada in 1985. Since the founding, members have shared information on haiku, haiku events, organizations, markets, and publications. Features: Newsletter, Haiku Canada sheets (10 poem collections of a featured poet's work), Haiku Canada Members' Anthology, membership directory, sponsors readings and workshops at annual meeting, world wide web site forthcoming, promotes members' publications, convention at annual meeting, The Betty Drevniok Award.

  • promoting the creation and appreciation of haiku and related forms (tanka, renga, senryu, sequences, haibun, and visual haiku) among its members and the public at large; and

  • fostering association, friendship, communication and mutual support among haiku poets in Canada and abroad.

Haiku Canada was founded in 1977 by Dr. Eric Amann, Betty Drevniok and George Swede. First called the Haiku Society of Canada, it was renamed Haiku Canada in 1985. Since the founding, members have shared information on haiku, haiku events, organizations, markets, and publications. Features: Newsletter, Haiku Canada sheets (10 poem collections of a featured poet's work), Haiku Canada Members' Anthology, membership directory, sponsors readings and workshops at annual meeting, world wide web site forthcoming, promotes members' publications, convention at annual meeting, The Betty Drevniok Award.

Haikuworld exists to help publishers, poets, and readers discover one another.

Haystack Summer Program in the Arts and Sciences
The Extended Studies Program at Portland Sate University offers an anual ensemble of weekend and weeklong workshops every summer.

Hudson Valley Writers' Center
The Hudson Valley Writers' Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1988 with a mission to promote the appreciation of literary excellence and to stimulate and nurture the creation of literary works in all sectors of the population. It offers classes for professional and amateur writers, presents public readings by well-known and emerging prose writers and poets, does outreach work in several community sites, and publishes at least one book of poetry each year under the name Slapering Hol Press.


Illinois Arts Alliance
Serving as the leading voice for all the arts in Illinois, the Illinois Arts Alliance and the Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation strive to build a flourishing environment for the arts and culture in the State.

Illinois Arts Council
This state agency assists artists, arts organizations and other community organizations that present arts programming by providing financial and technical assistance.

Illinois Center for the Book
The Illinois Center for the Book is a non-profit organization promoting books, book arts, libraries, and reading in Illinois. The organization's chief goal is to stimulate public interest in the written word and encourage the creativity and economic well-being of those who make up the Illinois book community (authors, publishers, booksellers, libraries, teachers, book designers, printers, etc.).

Illinois Humanities Council
A private nonprofit educational foundation that promotes greater public understanding of and appreciation for the humanities statewide.

Illinois Literacy Resource Development Center
Dedicated to improving literacy policy and practice at the local, state and national levels. It is a non-profit organization supporting literacy and adult education efforts throughout Illinois and the nation.

Illinois Storytelling Council
Talented storytellers, musicians, and interpreters from Illinois and around the country gather in Spring Grove, Illinois to tell stories passed down for generations, stories of real life, stories of the imagination.

Independent Publishers Group
A book distributor for a large number of independent publishers and small presses throughout the USA and worldwide.

The Indiana University Writers' Conference (IUWC)
The Indiana University Writers' Conference (IUWC), now planning its 62nd year, annually attracts a staff of nationally prominent writers who are equally skilled and involved teachers. Participants in the week-long conference join faculty-led workshops in fiction and poetry, take classes on various aspects of writing, engage in one-on-one consultation with faculty members, and attend a variety of readings and social events.

Indigenous Peoples' Literature
A site of all things cultural, political, historical, artistic and literary relating to indegenous peoples from all over the world.

Interamerican University Studies Institute
Dedicated to fostering cultural and educational exchange between the U.S. and Latin America through high-quality educational programs.

Internet Book Information Center (IBIC)
An ecclectic site featuring sections on Authors, Publishers, Booksellers, Libraries, Readers, Mailing Lists, Book Reviews, Rare Books, On-line Books and Magazines, Poetry, Short Stories, and Web Review Databases.

Iowa Summer Writing Festival
A short term, noncredit writing program for adults. The Festival offers approximately 136 workshops in June and July across a spectrum of literary genres.


Jargon Society
In all that it does, the Jargon Society is dedicated to finding, bringing together, and focusing upon overlooked and underrated aspects of American and British culture.

Just Buffalo Literary Center
Just Buffalo Literary Center celebrates the literary arts by offering readings and talks by established and emerging writers; writing workshops; community writer residencies; performances combining music, dance and the spoken word; school-based programs; a sports reading league for children; annual writing fellowships; publications; radio and video programs and special public programs and events.


Kearney Street Workshop
The mission of Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) is to produce and present art that enriches and empowers Asian Pacific American communities. KSW presents visual arts and historical exhibitions, readings, screenings and performances; publishes books of poetry, prose and photography; offers classes and workshops in creative writing and visual art; and develops the next generation of APA artists through our KSW-Next program and its monthly salons and annual festival, APAture.

Knoxville Writers' Guild
The purpose of the Guild is to facilitate a broad, inclusive, and egalitarian community among area writers; to provide a forum for information, support, and sharing among writers; to help members improve and market their writing skills; and to promote writing and creativity in the wider community through education, publication, and sponsorship of writing-related public events.


Lane Literary Guild
The Lane Literary Guild has supported the literary arts since 1984. The Guild sponsors the Windfall Reading Series and other local literary events, offers workshops/critique groups to members, publishes the Writer's Access newsletter, which features articles on upcoming Windfall Series readers, a calendar of local literary events, member news, and notices of regional workshops and contests.

LDS (Latter Day Saints) Writers Net
The community of LDS writers on the web.

The League of Canadian Poets
The League of Canadian Poets, a non-profit arts service organization, is the national association of professional publishing and performing poets in Canada. Its purpose is to enhance the status of poets and nurture a professional poetic community to facilitate the teaching of Canadian poetry at all levels of education and to develop the audience for poetry by encouraging publication, performance and recognition of Canadian poetry nationally and internationally.

The Library of Congress
The Library preserves a collection of nearly 121 million items, more than two-thirds of which are in media other than books. These include the largest map, film and television collections in the world. In addition to its primary mission of serving the research needs of the U.S. Congress, the Library serves all Americans through its popular Web site and in its 22 reading rooms on Capitol Hill.

Literary Arts
Literary Arts is a non-profit organization created to support people who write and publish books, and people who read them.

Literary Kicks
The site is devoted to a few experimental literary movements. Literary Kicks believe in deconstructionism as long as you clean up after you're done. And they do not believe masterpieces exist, nor dothey want them to. They prefer the glory of brilliant mistakes.

Literary Press Group of Canada
The Literary Press Group of Canada is a non-profit association of Canadian-owned and-operated book publishers. One goal of the LPG is to foster the survival, growth and maintenance of strong Canadian-owned and-controlled literary book publishing houses.

The Loft Literary Center
Minnesota's Literary Center, offering programs and services for writers and readers. The mission of the Loft is to foster a writing community, the artistic development of individual writers, and an audience for literature.

The Log Cabin Literary Center
The Log Cabin Literary Center is a nonprofit membership organization serving writers and readers with educational and cultural programs. Among the opportunities are classes and workshops for adults and emerging writers and resources for writers pursuing a career in publishing.


Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance
MWPA is the largest statewide literary organization, per capita, in the United States. MWPA's extensive programs and outreach serve not only Maine's literary community, but also schools, libraries, and the general public.

Makor is part of a neighborhood that is home to some of NY City's most prominent arts and cultural institutions. Makor is a place of expression where Jewish New Yorkers of all backgrounds can feel comfortable; it is about rediscovery of Jewish Life without losing one's identity; it is a place to hone one's talent and appreciate others; it is for the cultivation of the avant-garde. Makor is about meaning and inspiration. Makor is a unique center, rich in culture with sophisticated and thought-provoking programming, that promises to be the most desirable place for New Yorkers in their 20s and 30s.

Midpoint Trade Books
Providing sales and distribution services for independent publishers since 1996. There is no single element that defines the Midpoint Advantage. Instead, it consists of a unique combination of interrelated benefits that work together to achieve a strong competitive advantage for participating publishers.

Midwest Writers Workshop
The Midwest Writers Workshop is dedicated to serving writers, both aspiring and accomplished, to assist writers in all aspects of their craft. They conduct an annual summer workshop, short programs during the year, publish a free quarterly newsletter, MWW Update and publish a monthly electronic newsletter, E-Pistle.

Missoula Cultural Council
The Missoula Cultural Council (MCC) was formed in February, 1991 as the result of a two year public planning process. A written report, The Fabric of Missoula, provided the basis for the formation of MCC as a non-profit organization. It is a local arts agency -- the first in Montana -- as defined by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Modern Language Association of America
Not-for-profit membership organization that promotes the study and teaching of language and literature.

Mountain Writers Center
Mountain Writers Center, the permanent facility of Mountain Writers Series, is located in Southeast Portland. The Center enables Mountain Writers Series to provide a number of services to the community.


National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) is the membership organization of the nation's state and jurisdictional arts agencies. NASAA's mission is to advance and promote a meaningful role for the arts in the lives of individuals, families and communities throughout the United States. They empower state arts agencies through strategic assistance that fosters leadership, enhances planning and decision making, and increases resources.

National Endowment for the Arts
The arts reflect the past, enrich the present, and imagine the future. The National Endowment for the Arts, an investment in America's living cultural heritage, serves the public good by nurturing the expression of human creativity, supporting the cultivation of community spirit, and fostering the recognition and appreciation of the excellence and diversity of our nation's artistic accomplishments.

National Endowment for the Humanities
NEH is an independent grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, and public programs in the humanities.

National Poetry Association
The NPA is a non-profit literary organization promoting poets and poetry-in-the-arts through traditional and technological means. Their goals are: To celebrate the scope and diversity of American poetry in all its forms; To facilitate national & international exchanges of poets and artists through technological means in ways that encourage cross-cultural dialogue; To present poetry to the general public in both traditional and innovative ways; To preserve and promote the art of Poetry-Film, Videopoetry and Cin(E)-Poetry.

National Poetry Foundation
Known as the foremost publisher of scholarly work on Ezra Pound and the Pound tradition.

National Writers Union
The NWU is a labor union that represents freelance writers in all genres, formats and media. Whether you're a journalist, a book author or a techinal or business writer -- whether you write poetry or miscellaneous copy -- the NWU is already working to improve your professional life. They are committed to improving the economic and working conditions of freelance writers. The NWU offers grievance resolution, industry campaigns, contract advice, health & dental plans, member education, job banks, networking, social events, and much more.

Nebraska Center for Writers
The on-line resource for writers of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, providing information, advice, and links of interest to writers and readers across the state and beyond.

Neighborhood Writing Alliance
The Neighborhood Writing Alliance is an adult arts program that holds creative writing workshops at libraries and social service agencies in different neighborhoods throughout the city of Chicago. The writing produced in these workshops is published in their magazine the Journal of Ordinary Thought and is distributed for free in Chicago neighborhoods and sent to regular subscribers. To promote the writers they also hold readings and other special events throughout the year.

New England Foundation for the Arts
The NEFA features three funds -- Creation and Presentation, Culture in Community, and Connections -- that support the creation and distribution of new work in the arts, the linking of culture with community development, and the advancement of the cultural field through research and technology. NEFA supports both the visual and performing arts, such as dance and music.

New Hampshire Writers' Project
The New Hampshire Writers' Project is a resource for writers, publishers, booksellers, literary agents, educators, librarians, and readers in and near New Hampshire. We support the development of individual writers and encourage an audience for literature in New Hampshire.

New York State Literary Center
The NYS(CA) LIT(ERARY) TREE was created to serve NYSCA-funded organizations with literary programs, their curators, and the poets and writers they present. The site offers in-depth information about the organizations and their curators as well as detailed schedules, thereby serving as a learning center and clearing house for those involved in literature-based presentation.

New York State Writers Institute
In 1983, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist William Kennedy founded the Writers Institute at Albany with part of a fellowship awarded him from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in Chicago. As part of that award, fifteen thousand dollars for five years went to the institution of Kennedy's choice, the University at Albany, State University of New York. The University made a commitment to match those funds, thus helping the Writers Institute at Albany become a reality.

92nd St. Y
New York's leading cultural center

The North American Centre for Interdisciplinary Poetics A web-based forum for free exchange on matters pertaining to interdisciplinary creativity

The North Carolina Writers' Network
The North Carolina Writers' Network serves writers at every stage of development through programs which offer ample opportunities for professional growth in skills and insight. NCWN builds audiences for literature; advocates for the literary arts and for literacy; and provides information and support services. The Network is a vital educational and cultural resource whose motto embodies its broad-based mission -- "Writing and Reading: Everybody's Art!" For all these reasons, NCWN is good for the culture of North Carolina.

Northwest Playwrights Guild
The Northwest Playwrights Guild is a non-profit organization established in 1982, to serve the needs of playwrights in the northwestern region of the United States and Canada. Their mission is: To provide a reliable forum for the exchange of information and ideas about playwriting for playwrights living in the Northwest. To provide opportunities to participate in readings, workshops and contests. To hold meetings that encourage networking and help playwrights establish wider contacts in the theater community.


Pen American Center
PEN American Center, the largest of nearly 130 Centers worldwide that compose International PEN, is a membership association of prominent literary writers and editors. As a major voice of the literary community the organization seeks to defend the freedom of expression wherever it may be threatened, and promote and encourage the recognition and reading of contemporary literature.

New Link Poetry in the Arts
PITA welcomes unsolicited submissions of poetry, prose, art and music for its online journals, Ardent!, and poetry and essays on the arts by teens to MoonCrossed 33/33—and check out our Poet & Writer Resources pages: extensive, freely accessible meta indexes of publishers, literary competitions, literary archives and other poet and writer resources.

The Poetry Factory
The Poetry Factory is a poetry reading and workshop series located at The Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Poetry Society of America
As a non-profit cultural organization, the PSA's endeavors have been supported throughout the decades by a diverse membership of poets and readers. It is not only poets who join the PSA today. Their members join because they share a wish to open up the lives of people to poetry and to build a more literate America.

Poetry Project at St. Marks
Founded in 1966, the Poetry Project is now one of the premier forums for innovative poetry in the United States. On their web site, you will find their webzine, Poets & Poems; The Tiny Press Center, a resource center for small publishers including essays by small publishers, contact information, reviews, and more.

Poetry Society of Britain
The Poetry Society exists to help poets and poetry thrive in Britain today. Established in 1909, and now one of Britain's most dynamic arts organisations, the Poetry Society is a membership organisation open to all.

Poetry Society of Virginia
In 1998, the Poetry Society of Virginia celebrated its 75th anniversary. Founded at the College of William and Mary in 1923, the Virginia group is the second oldest State Poetry organization in the nation. The PSV currently has over 300 members from all areas of the Commonwealth, as well as members from other states and foreign countries.

Poets & Writers
Poets & Writers, Inc. believes in literature's fundamental contribution to contemporary culture. For the past 30 years, Poets & Writers, Inc. has focused on the source of literature by providing support and exposure to writers at all stages of development. Poets & Writers, Inc. assists authors in their search for career-related information, outlets for their work, opportunities for professional advancement, and community with other writers.

Poets House
Poets House is a literary center and poetry archive -- a Collection and meeting place that invites poets and the public to step into the living tradition of poetry. Their poetry resources and literary events document the wealth and diversity of modern poetry, and stimulate public dialogue on issues of poetry in culture.

Publishers Marketing Association
"Helping each other to achieve and succeed!" The largest non-profit trade association representing independent publishers of books, audio, video and CDs. PMA's mission is to advance independent publishing through professional development, cooperative marketing, and industry affiliations. To support free speech and the right to publish without restriction. To pledge fair and respectful treatment of those professionals with whom they collaborate.

Pudding House Writers Resource Center
A poets site that reflects the omni-dimensional and wild array of activities for poets including word/writing games, workshops, publication opportunities, retreat/Bed & Breakfast for Writers, l-on-l assistance, you name it.


New Link Quad City Arts
QUAD CITY ARTS is a regional arts council serving the citizens of Henry, Mercer and Rock Island counties in Illinois and Clinton, Muscatine and Scott counties in Iowa and artists within a 150-mile radius.

Queensland Writers' Centre
The Queensland Writers' Centre is the premier organisation for writers and writing in Queensland, providing specialised services to the writing community.


The Ragdale Foundation
An artist's retreat located in beautiful Lake Forest, Illinois.


Seattle Arts & Lectures
Seattle Arts & Lectures (SAL) was founded in 1987 to raise the understanding, appreciation, and visibility of the literary arts in the Puget Sound region. SAL's mission is to deepen and expand our experience of the world by fostering the exploration of ideas and emotions through language.

The Segue Foundation
The Segue Foundation has been serving the community as a multi-service arts organization since 1977. As publisher of Roof Books and Segue Books, Segue now has over 70 titles of contemporary poetry and criticism in print. For 13 years, from 1980-1993, The Segue Distribution Project distributed over 300 small press books, journals and videos through its annual catalogue. In the late 1970s/early 80s, Segue published the poetry journal Roof and distributed the critical journal L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E.

A Small Garlic Press
The Small Garlic Press' mission is to promote literary and educational life; give voice to the voiceless; and provide guidance and influence.

Small Press Center
The Small Press Center for Independent Publishing is a nonprofit cultural and educational institution dedicated to promoting interaction between the public and small independent book publishers. Small Press Center sponsors an annual book fair, has regular readings by small press authors, mounts theme exhibits in its windows and bookcases, and offers impressive catalogues of small press books.

Small Press Distribution
SPD carries thousands of underground titles you can't find anywhere else!

Small Press Traffic Literary Arts Center
Small Press Traffic Literary Arts Center promotes and supports writers from all over the globe--particularly those who push the limits of how we speak and think about the world. Since 1974 SPT has been at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area innovative writing scenes, bringing together independent readers, writers, and presses through publications, conferences, and our influential reading series.

Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators
SCBWI is the only professional organization dedicated to serving the people who write, illustrate, or share a vital interest in children's literature. Their Web site exists as a service to their members as well as offering information about the children's publishing industry and their organization to non-members.

Southwest Writers
Southwest Writers is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to helping both published and unpublished writers improve their craft and further their careers. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SWW serves writers of all ages across the nation in every fiction and non-fiction genre.

Split Rock Arts Program
The Split Rock Arts Program is the University of Minnesota's summer series of weeklong, residential workshops in creative writing (and visual art, design, and creativity enhancement). Scholarships are available.

Storytelling Ring
Founded April 24, 1997, the Storytelling Ring is a ring of sites throughout the WWW featuring Storytelling resources, organizations, events, and the tellers themselves. All dedicated, at least in part, to the vocal art of telling stories.

The Subtext reading series is a collaborative effort by Seattle-area writers and readers interested in new writing. Earlier readings by writers of "experimental" writing, under the name Subtext (in 1994 and 1995) were produced by Ezra Mark, editor of Vortext Press, and Nico Vassilakis, co-editor of Sub Rosa Press.

Superlative Books
Providing distribution services for handmade, small press & unusual books of distinction.


Teachers & Writers Collaborative
T&W brings writers and educators together in collaborations that explore the connections between writing and reading literature and that generate new ideas and materials. T&W writers' diaries, as well as articles from other writers and teachers from around the country, are the source of T&W publications.

Ten Penny Players, Inc.
The Waterways Project of Ten Penny Players, an arts in education program, uses the arts to integrate literacy, creative expression, publishing, performance, service learning, computer skills, and critical thinking into a curriculum created for a network of schools, libraries, community based organizations, and distant learners. Through workshops, publications and performances, Waterways encourages all participants to actively engage in creative communities.

Thurber House
"Humor in a living culture must not be put away in the attic with the flag, but should be flaunted, like the flag, bravely. Every time is a time for comedy in a world of tension that would languish without it" (Thurber). The Thurber House supports this idea through their national book award for the best book of humor published in the U.S., through their own ongoing, contemporary anthology of short humor pieces, and, finally, through their long-standing, nationally respected Writers-in-Residence project.

Time Being Books
Time Being Books is dedicated to presenting great poetry that other publishers don't have the foresight or courage to promote.

Toronto Small Press Group
The Toronto Small Press Group organises two small press fairs a year. The Autumn 2001 fair was held on Saturday 27th October. The Spring 2002 fair will happen on 27 April 2002 from 11am-6pm at Trinity-St Paul's Centre, 427 Bloor St W, Toronto (admission free).


United States Copyright Office
At the US Copyright Office online, you will find all their key publications, including informational circulars; application forms for copyright registration; links to the copyright law and to the homepages of other copyright-related organizations; news of what the Office is doing, including Congressional testimony and press releases; their latest regulations; a link to their online copyright records cataloged since 1978; and much more.


Vane Women
Vane Women is a writers' collective from the North of England. They run a Press and workshops and are performers on the stage as well as on the page. They take their name from Darlington's Art Centre's address at Vane Terrace, which is their base camp. "Vain but not plain . . ."

The Vermillion Literary Project
The Vermillion Literary Project is an organization for University of South Dakota students of any major, at both the graduate and undergraduate level. They publish an independent literary and visual arts magazine once a year. They also sponsor local poetry readings and writing contests open to the public, adorn the halls and walls of USD with Sanity Supplements, run Project Radio on the campus radio station, and maintain the Vermillion Literary Project website at the University of South Dakota.

The Vermont Studio Center
Founded in 1984 to support the making of art as the communication of spirit through form, the Vermont Studio Center is a nonprofit, year-round, international creative community, dedicated to serving artists and writers in an open, nurturing, supportive work environment.

Victoria School of Writing
There are many elements that make the Victoria School of Writing a unique and exciting place for writers to connect and to learn new skills. From the annual Summer School that began it all to the Literary Info-Fair and Postcard Story Contest to the recently added Short Writing Courses several qualities are shared besides everyone's enthusasm for the craft.

New Link Vos Voice of the Shuttle
Vos's mission has been to provide a structured and briefly annotated guide to online resources that at once respects the established humanities disciplines in their professional organization and points toward the transformation of those disciplines as they interact with the sciences and social sciences and with new digital media.

Volcano Art Center
The Volcano Art Center (VAC) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational organization created in 1974 to promote, develop and perpetuate the artistic and cultural heritage of Hawaii's people and environment through activities in the visual, literary, and performing arts. VAC presents programs, classes, workshops, lectures, and performances at Kilauea Theater, located in the Kilauea Military Camp, at its Gallery, and adjacent hula platform, and at the Old Japanese Schoolhouse in Volcano Village.


The Wallace Foundation
Description: For more than a decade, The Wallace Foundation has worked to
expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all people. Our efforts
toward this goal have yielded important insights and lessons, and we have
designed our website to make this knowledge more accessible to visitors. We
especially invite you to browse the Knowledge Center. It is a repository of
field-based evidence of what is working, what is not, and why - not only in
our current areas of focus, but in areas where we have worked in the past.

Washington Center for the Book
The Washington Center for the Book at the Seattle Public Library is devoted to celebrating the written word and to facilitating the exchange of ideas evoked by the reading of literature.

Web Del Sol
WDS is a collaboration on the part of scores of dedicated, volunteer editors, writers, poets, artists, and staff whose job it is to acquire and frame the finest contemporary literary art and culture available in America and abroad, and to array it in such a manner that it speaks for itself.

Western States Arts Federation
WESTAF is a non-profit arts service organization dedicated to the creative advancement and preservation of the arts. WESTAF fulfills its mission to strengthen the financial, organizational, and policy infrastructure of the arts in the West by providing innovative programs and services. WESTAF serves the largest geographical area and number of states of the six mainland regional arts organizations, including the state arts agencies, artists, and arts organizations of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Writers and Books
W&B is one of the nation's largest community literary organizations, providing programs that promote reading and writing as life-long activities, serving people of all ages and backgrounds in the greater Rochester area.

The Writer's Center
The Writer's Center is a literary crossroads designed to encourage the creation and distribution of contemporary literature. They offer a host of interrelated programs and services including: workshops in all genres, a gallery of books and journals, readings and conferences, publications, desktop publishing center, meeting and workspace, and information and communications center. They welcome all genres and levels of skill as well as the other arts.

Writer's Circle
The Writers' Circle of Durham Region is a non-profit umbrella organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting the art and skill of writing, fostering literacy, and providing moral support to writers through education and networking, both independently and in co-operation with existing organizations.

Writers Guild of America
The WGA represents writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new technologies industries.

Writers Guild of America East
The Writers Guild of America, made up of two unions -- the Writers Guild, East and the Writers Guild, West -- brings together some 11,000 professionals who are the primary creators of what is seen or heard on television and film in the U.S.

The Writer's League of Texas
The Writers' League of Texas is a nonprofit professional organization whose primary purpose is to provide a forum for information, support, and sharing among writers, to help members improve and market their writing skills, and to promote the interests of writers and the writing community.

WritersNet is the Internet directory of writers, editors, publishers and literary agents. They bring together the elements of literary success in one place.

The Writer's Studio
The Writers Studio offers fiction writers and poets, of all levels of experience and skill, a stimulating yet relaxed environment in which to pursue their study of creative writing. The school publishes a biannual newsletter that gives writers a forum to communicate with one another and with prospective Writers Studio students. The school also hosts a reading series.

Writers at Work
Writers at Work is a non-profit literary arts organization. Each year, Writers at Work offers a week-long conference that celebrates the vibrant literary community in the state; and provides opportunities for aspiring writers nationwide to meet and learn from established professionals in the literary and publishing worlds.

The Writing Space
The Writing Space was founded in Toronto in 1990 as a small press and writers' organization.

New Link Xcp Cross Cultural Poetics Web
a not-for-profit organization devoted to creating an intercultural exchange in the socially descriptive arts. We endeavor to exhibit textual and visual art and poetry, ethnography and work concerning the documentary experience.


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