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Abalone Moon
Abalone Moon is a poetry and arts journal which is both thematic and eclectic in its choice of poetry and art. It features work by both known and unknown contemporary poets and artists. Included in the journal are poetry and arts links, and a take action page with links to various environmental and political websites.

Agnieszka's Dowry
On 8 March 1996, the UNESCO International Day of the Woman, A Small Garlic Press (ASGP) extended their poetry publishing to include an on-line poetry and letters to Agnieszka magazine.

Alsop Review
Berkeley, California, based review posts this online poetry journal, complete with online poetry classes and a competition.

An online literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction and non-fiction, hypertext, art, and reviews.

An on-line poetry journal that presents longer works by poets. Increasingly, more poets are working in longer forms and writing poems as parts of larger series. Arc is a forum where poets can present this work.

An international journal of literature, the arts, and opinion.

New Link The Argotist Online
The Argotist Online is devoted to poetry and poetics. It publishes non-mainstream  poetry, and features essays and interviews sympathetic to it. This is done not in a polemical spirit but merely as an apologia for such poetry. We have interviews with Marjorie Perloff, Charles Bernstein and Rupert Loydell; and poems by Hank Lazer, Sheila E Murphy and Annabelle Clippinger among others

New Link Arkansas Literary Forum
Arkansas currently enjoys a wealth of excellent writers who have earned reputations far beyond our borders. The Arkansas Literary Forum seeks to bring new work by the best writers in the state -- free -- to anyone with an Internet connection.

Aught providing a forum for publishing poetry and prose poems with innovative language and imagery, including (but not limited to) "language-oriented" formal experimentation.

An autonomous zone for arts radicals in both old and new media. They publish books on radical media, politics and the arts that seek to transcend party lines, bottom lines and straight lines.

An internet journal of creative essays.



Bad Subjects
Bad Subjects is a collective that publishes a magazine (Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life) and provides access to both via a public-access website. In 1998, Bad Subjects founded a small educational nonprofit corporation, also called Bad Subjects, which promotes the progressive use of new media and print publications.

"beatthief is a small collection of beats, samples and pieces of culture. While music provides the beats and focus, it does not exist in a vacuum. images, words and other artistic expressions provide contexts for each other in which to create tension and release." A totally cool, multipurpose site . . .

An online journal concerned with the advancement of hypertext media, publishing contemporary critical and literary content in interfaces that strive to enrich and enliven.

New Link Belladonna
Belladonna celebrates the virtues of beauty and femininity, and to helps sister Aristasians to find Aphroditist art and literature. Leave the world of man behind, and enter the world of Woman. These pages will allow you to immerse yourself in femininity.

Beltway Poetry Quarterly
Since January 2000, Beltway Poetry Quarterly has published poetry by authors who live or work in the capital of the United States. We strive to showcase the richness and diversity of Washington, DC area authors in every issue, with poets from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations represented. We have included Pulitzer Prize winners and those who have never previously published. We publish academic, spoken word, and experimental authors--and also those poets who defy categorization. Beltway Poetry Quarterly is also a resource bank for DC-area authors and audiences, with information about readings, journals, libraries, grants, classes, and much more.

The Big Bridge
This site is a webzine quarterly, featuring illustrated chapbooks, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, all kinds of art, a "Little Mags" section, recorded readings, as well as links to interesting art and literary resources.

Blackbird is a well-designed, innovative site publishing a diverse and highly accomplished collection of writers, including several Pulitzer-Prize-winners (such as Philip Levine and Henry Taylor), as well as other writers of widely recognized literary reputation, in addition to writers whose careers are just beginning. They publish fiction, poetry, nonfiction and their first issue features a streaming audio version of an "earplay" by well-known playwright Romulus Linney, as performed by professional actors. They also cover the world of visual arts.

Blithe House Quarterly
Now in its seventh year of online publication, Blithe House Quarterly features new short stories by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) authors -- both emerging and established.  An average of over 24,000 readers per issue.

The Blue Moon Review
Blue Moon Review is published as a service to writers and the online communities from a shack in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. Founded as The Blue Penny Quarterly, it has been published continuously since early 1994, making it one of the oldest living literary magazines online, and one of the few with an ongoing international following.

Bohemian Ink
An on-line review of the history and future of experimental fiction & poetry.

The Book of Voices
The Book of Voices is's anthology of poetry from all disciplines -- page, stage, and then some -- where you can read, audition, and even watch your poetry. Spoken word from Chicagoans and noteworthy others.

A journal of concise literary non-fiction. 750 words or less.

Bureau of Public Secrets This website features Ken Knabb's Situationist International Anthology (translations from the notorious group that helped trigger the May 1968 revolt in France).



Cafe Zeitgeist
Digital retreat of novelist & critic Lance Olsen, with resources for alternative or experimental/innovative fiction, science fiction, post-cyberpunk, & alternative art.

Caffeine Destiny
Poetry, fiction, book reviews and author interviews from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

New Link Calliope
While Calliope has been inactive since June 1999, many visitors have expressed interest in being able to view the archives. This site remains online to offer access to the collected works, but is no longer accepting submissions and is not updated regularly.

New Link Campbell Corner
Campbell Corner is a new site on the public square of contemporary language exchange: A place where myth and poetry, philosophy and rhetoric, can mingle and illuminate.

Carve Magazine
A bi-monthy on-line journal published by the Fiction Writers Association of the University of Washington.

Catalyzer Online Journal
Submissions of poetry, prose, and visual art are sought for, and published on, the site, especially those concerned with issues of peace and justice.

CEASTWARD aims to bring to the fore the vital issues about Korea and East Asia - through this website and ultimately through book publishing - so that East Asians and people from all around the world can better understand them.

"Fiction for the New Millennium."

New Link Central California Poetry Journal
Represents the work of poets who reside in or write about Central California.

Chicago Literary Review
The Chicago Literary Review is a student-run organization dedicated to student artwork, both visual and literary. One issue is published 10th week of every quarter. If you would like to submit poetry, prose, dramas, black-and-white pictures, etc. for publication in our next issue, our mailbox is in the office of the Chicago Maroon, which is located in the basement of Ida Noyes Hall (at the corner of 59th and Woodlawn). You may also submit pieces via e-mail to

Chicago Poetry
"The center of cyberspace poetry."

New Link City Writers Review
City Writers is an online literary review aimed at finding original voices and perspectives from unpublished writers in the NYC Metro Area. Issued four times a year, we publish quality short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

New Link Climate Controlled
We are particularly interested in work (visual, textual, audio) that relates in some way to the North (broadly defined, as you can see by the variety of work in these pages).

C/Oasis: Writing for the Connected World
Publishes poetry, fiction, and essays, as well as provides a variety of resources for writers.

Collectedstories: The Story on Short Stories
spin a yarn. . .weave a story. publishes select short stories online.

New Link Collision
The staff of Collision has envisioned our journal to be a venue through which this community of writers can finally read the work of their peers, whether it be in the form of an essay, a memoir or a prose poem, and see it published alongside artwork that forever captures a moment, a vignette, in print. is dedicated to a female audience of color passionate about books and writing. Inspired by the dearth of attention paid to female African American writers, save a handful of literary giants and hordes of post Terry McMillian popular fiction writers, seeks to challenge the recent publishing industry "discovery" that Black women read and then take that "discovery" to the next level.

A journal of literary arts.

Contemporary Poetry Review
Founded in 1998, the Contemporary Poetry Review is an online journal devoted exclusively to the criticism of poetry.

Contrary Magazine
Publishes quarterly on the web and produces an annual print edition
of its best work.

New Link Convergence
An online journal published quarterly. Includes poets such as Molly Fisk, Lola Haskins, Grace Cavalieri and Andrena Zawinski, in addition to fiction writer Stephen Graham Jones. Convergence publishes poetry and flash fiction (up to 1,000 words), pairing artwork with each poem and story in a way that will bring new meaning both to the literary piece and the work of art. The title of the journal, Convergence, refers to the convergence between the literary and visual arts.

The Cortland Review
An Online Literary Magazine in real audio, The Cortland Review publishes poetry, fiction, essays, reviews.

CrossConnect's mission has always been to promote the works of artists by providing a viable outlet to reach their audience. With most literary magazines, the pages themselves, housed by its covers promotes a sense of artistic community. With the wonders of the world wide web, they are able to reach a broader range of readers and expand the audience for literary works.

Cune Magazine
For writers and other lovers of words.



The Dana Literary Society
" We are searching for people with something to say—fiction, non-fiction or poetry—for display in this Online Journal, and we will reward those contributors who provide it.  Our requirements are twofold: that the works be both well-crafted and thought-provoking.  Admittedly this is subjective, but a review of the pages here will give you an idea of what we consider praiseworthy.  Newly selected compositions will appear each month."

The Danforth Review
A quarterly international online magazine of fiction, poetry, reviews, book lists, and opinion.

Dark Planet
A Webzine of Science Fiction, Modern Fantasy, Poetry, and Related Nonfiction

New Link DCPoetry exists primarily to promote three readings series in Washington, DC -- Ruthless Grip at Washington Printmakers Gallery, in your ear at the D.C. Arts Center, and Bridge Street Books -- and the work of poets featured therein.

The Del Sol Review
"Del Sol Review seeks to publish unsolicited work in the categories of poetry, prose poetry, creative non-fiction, short stories, and flash fiction. All forms and styles are considered. Please note that editors prefer fiction and cnf containing unique and interesting subject matter."

The online magazine of the Illinois Humanities Council.

"Diagram is an electronic journal of text and art. As our name indicates, we're interested in representations. In naming. In indicating. In schematics. In the labelling and taxonomy of things. In poems that masquerade as stories; in stories that disguise themselves as indices or obituaries."

New Link Dislocate
Literary journal published by graduate students at the University of
Minnesota. (We are currently an online journal, with our first print issue expected in spring 2005).

Dissident Editions
Dissident Editions realizes that the publication of small-circulation, quality books of radical-philosophical (tiny minority) interest is dead. It died a long time ago. The profit-motive killed it. Dissident Editions is in the vanguard of free, anti-copyright web-publishing - until the Web, too, is controlled and censored by corporate and governmental evil. The Internet is now the only possible medium for Oracles.

Disquieting Muses Quarterly Review
DMQ Review is interested in finely crafted poetry regardless of style or school.

Double Change
Double Change is an organization publishing and an online magazine hoping to open new lines of communication between poets who may or may not already be well known outside of their own countries. This online magazine features poems by both French and American poets (in translation and in the original language), as well as articles, interviews (with poets and editors, for example), reviews and conversations.

Double Room
"Double Room is a biannual literary publication founded in 2002 to explore the intersection of prose poetry and flash fiction."

New Link Drunken Boat
Our goal is to help find and showcase excellent work on the web, as well as to add to the artistic ouvre of the internet by bringing previously unpublished work online.

Duct Tape Press
"The best resource for cutting edge writing on the web."
Duration Press hosts websites for several literary journals and presses, with links to these available from their main page.



Eclectica Magazine
Eclectica was founded in October 1996 with the goal of providing a sterling quality literary magazine on the World Wide Web. If it is outstanding writing, then we want to print it. We provide broad categories for convenience's sake, but we love to get material that just doesn't fit into them.

An archive of enthused writing. The collection focuses on both digital facsimiles of the most significant out-of-print small-press books and journals from the past quarter-century, as well as major new works of experimental writing. Original copyright subsists for all material.

New Link edifice WRECKED
started by Leigh Hughes and Judy Wolf as a way for them to showcase everything they love about literature and art. They love artistic freedom and want to create a place where everyone has an equal chance of being published. We do not discriminate here against any genre or style or voice.

Edge City Review
"The only literary magazine that's dedicated to Expansive Poetry, great book reviews, awesome interviews, and, of course, to truth, justice, and the American way."

New Link electronic book review
ebr is generally interested in promoting literary innovation on the Internet and reviewing books that address the electronic future of fiction, poetry, criticism, and the visual arts.

New Link Electronic Poetry Center Home Page
The EPC serves as a central gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics at the University at Buffalo and on the Web at large.

New Link EPC E-zines-Tinfish
A journal of experimental poetry with an emphasis on work from the Pacific region.

Electronic Poetry Review
Electronic Poetry Review is a journal dedicated to publishing experimental and more traditionally formal poetry, as well as interviews, essays on poetics, and book reviews.

EOTU Ezine
An ezine of fiction, art and poetry.

"Epiphany is a non-profit literary arts magazine that publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, dramatic writing, and visual arts. The magazine was created to serve NYU's SCPS Center for Writing and Speech. The magazine is published 3 times yearly online and once in print."

E2K: A Journal for the New Literary Paradigm
"E2K publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, but is also interested in informative and instructional nonfiction articles dealing with the craft and business of writing."

Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite Corpse is an avant-garde online zine edited by Andrei Codrescu.



New Link Facets
A Literary Magazine

New Link Facsimilation
We specialize in not specializing in anything. Our contributions will run the gamut from humor to your great-grandmother's recipe for gumbo. Okay, maybe not that far. But, you get the point. We're eclectic. We have big plans for this thing. Serialized novels, print versions, having it become the religious foundation of a small country in Asia, eventual world domination. But, for now we'll settle for putting out a couple of new pieces every week or so.

Fiction Attic
Fiction Attic publishes short stories and flash fiction by established authors and emerging writers. We sponsor a twice-yearly flash fiction contest.

Fifteen Credibility Street
Fifteen Credibility Street publishes the best modern poetry, prose, visual art, and music. Their aesthetic perspective is based on a critique expressed in The Manifesto of The Anti-Naturals. Contributors can get a sense of the style of work they admire by referring to work in the current issue.

Figdust is a literary journal based in Atlanta, Georgia. "We hope to present a collection of deliberate, yet unrehearsed creativity, with language and content that are both accessible and enjoyable. In trying to describe what we were looking for while putting together our print issue we often came up with words like kind, moving, humane, and decent— words that all too often make an intelligent audience uncomfortable. We realize the pitfalls of the sentimental but are not afraid to go there."

The Final Draft
" The Final Draft Literary Magazine is a publication of the Literary Society of Durham Technical Community College, located in Durham, North Carolina. Originally devised as a campus publication, the magazine has now expanded into a local, regional, and online publication dedicated to publishing quality, original literature and artwork of both established and emerging local and regional writers and artists. Beginning writers and artists are especially encouraged to submit material."


New Link Fishdrum Magazine
Fish Drum, Inc. is a privately held multimedia organization that publishes the literary magazine FISH DRUM, produces short films, and gives council to a variety of emerging New York based businesses.

An online journal of fiction, poetry, and new media. "Come to us with the unnerving, the uncompromised, the unexampled, the unpredictable, and the spankingly unprecedented. "

A multidisciplinary journal in the arts and politics.

Forgotten Ground Regained
The purpose of this site is to encourage the writing and reading of alliterative poetry in Modern English. They publish alliterative and accentual poetry, essays, reviews, and other materials.

New Link For Poetry
We are interested in lyric poetry, vivid imagery, open form, natural landscape, philosophical themes but not at the expense of honesty and passion.

New Link Free Verse
A new, bi-annual electronic journal that focuses on publishing the finest free verse being written today.

New Link Free Zone Quarterly
FZQ (aka Free Zone Quarterly) is an on-going, completely profitless enterprise, which seeks to publish the best poetry and art that the web (and perhaps the world) has to offer.

New Link Frigate Online Magazine
Ours is a simple little on-line magazine, mostly talking about books. Frigate takes its name from Emily Dickinson, "there is no frigate like a book"; from the thieving frigate bird, which never lands on earth; from "frig it," the midwest's favorite pseudo-obscenity. We are a piratical frigate, and we take our riches where we find them.

New Link Full Circle Journal
Full Circle Journal publishes online issues every other month. After three issues are complete, we begin the process of selecting the 'best of' the online pieces to include in our Best Of print edition. Online issues are published six times each year.



New Link Gin Bender Poetry Review
Gin Bender Poetry Review's goal is to become a literary webzine that supplements the print journal. We encourage you to support the small presses.

New Link GLOSS
GLOSS is a new web-based, non-profit zine of arts & ideas. It features non-fiction, fiction, and art.

The God Particle
TGP is interested in fiction, poetry, essays, photographs, movies, music, and "work that does not fit into these categories". "If you confuse the name of the journal with a thematic restriction, you will only limit yourself and your submissions. We will publish pieces related to science, physics, metaphysics and religion, but we will publish others that have little or nothing to do with those areas. . . . We are always open to fine literature of any genre, and especially work that transcends genre."

An international online journal of idea and observation.

A journal of online writing, music and art.

We are at once a literary review cum political blog, an international art museum with no suggested donation, a travel journal, a Thomas Paine pamphlet, an unauthorized biography of the times, and a hipster-hybrid of "The Paris Review" and "Foreign Affairs" ...only not as good. Guernica is an online quarterly that launched in October 2004. We feature work from around the world, including Iran, Brazil, Sweden, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Chile, and even Ohio. We've interviewed Stephen Dunn, Howard Zinn, Edith Grossman, and William Schulz of Amnesty International. We've published work by Julian Rios, Stephen Elliott, Robert Wrigley, and several emerging writers. Richard Howard's translations of Proust will appear in our Spring 2005 issue.


"HAWKWIND, an online literary journal originating in San Antonio, Texas, was begun in April 2001. . . . New writers are certainly welcome. Religious writings can also find a home here. Hawkwind Literary Journal is a growing international anthology of works by serious writers."

Her Circle Ezine
Her Circle Ezine is dedicated to exploring the feminine experience in the world community through intelligent works of writing, art, and photography by women around the globe. Her Circle Ezine publishes works of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and personal essay on topics related to women and culture.

The online literary journal of Beloit College

New Link Hotel Amerika
We welcome submissions in all genres of creative writing, generously defined. We do not publish book reviews as such, although we will consider review-like essays that transcend the specific objects of consideration.

The Hungry Soul: A Literary Magazine
Dedicated to answering questions of spirituality and mysticism through poetry, story, essay, imagery, metaphor and the creative imagination.



Inkburns: The Interactive Literary Journal
Publishes fiction, nonfiction, photography, and illustrations.

New Link Infiltration
The Zine about going places you're not supposed to go!

In Posse Review
"Writers are encouraged to submit classic short fiction as well as short-shorts, prose poetry, poetry,  micro-shorts, flash fictions, and other hybrid fiction forms. We are also interested in creative nonfiction, including literary memoir. Innovation is encouraged."

Intercultural Platform
Intercultural Platform has been dedicated to cultural diversity. On this site writers and artists from all over the world publish or exhibit their work.



JMWW: A Quarterly Journal of Writing
Online literary quarterly publishing fiction, poetry, essays, nonfiction articles, and some artwork. Please see our guidelines for details. Editors generally try to give feedback on all fiction submissions, although less regularly for poetry submissions.

New Link Jacket magazine
Jacket magazine is published three or four times a year on the Internet only. It is free. It was founded by John Tranter in a rash moment in 1997, to showcase lively contemporary poetry and prose.

New Link Jack Magazine
This is a magazine that has traditionally published non-mainstream articles in honor of the Beat Generation and others who liked to experiment. That sometimes makes things controversial, but censorship is for the birds and I like to shock and surprise now and then--as long as the art and writing is intelligently formed.

Online zine for jazz and musicians.

New Link The Jolly Roger
The Jolly Roger was originally launched in 1995 to publish contemporary poetry and prose in the rich context of the classics, and she has since evolved into The World's Classical Portal. Today, brings classical literature, music, and art to life for over 500,000 unique visitors each month.



New Link kaleidowhirl
A quarterly online journal of poetry and flash fiction by emerging and established writers. kaleidowhirl also includes resources for writers and an abcdarium of wordplay.

Karawane: Or, the Temporary Death of the Brutist
Features poets and writers who perform their work in public.

King Log
An online poetry journal.

A creative online journal featuring fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork.

KotaPress Poetry Journal, Loss Journal and Art Journal

A slick online publication from a Seattle based, independent publishing company.



La Petite Zine
"Please send work in all genres. And all non- or anti-genres. We are also considering visual work that we might loosely classify as literary. What does that mean? You tell us."

Laughing Frank
Laughing Frank is dedicated to the support of new writing talent, in whatever form it may come in.

LE Quarterly
LE Quarterly is a new independent online literary journal that will be
published October 15th, January 15th, April 15th, and July 15th. LE
Quarterly publishes poetry, short stories and articles. Preferred
contributions will be well crafted, original pieces that define the
uncommonly noticed aspects of humanity, though all content will be
considered for publication.

Light and Dust @ Grist Mobile Anthology of Poetry
The last thirty years of literary history has been a period of freedom and diversity such as the world has never seen. The purpose of Light and Dust On-Line is to reflect that diversity and freedom and to make some of the results as accessible as possible through a World Wide Web site. As this collection grows, there should be something of interest for nearly every reader.

Linnean Street
A Web Literary Quarterly.

Lit Pot
A "monthly e-zine, showcasing a quarter of the work found in Ink Pot, offering writers and Artists both print and internet exposure for their work."

Little Albany Street
"A literary journal focusing on fine fiction and poetry. Both a print and online journal, Little Albany Street serves its home audience of New Brunswick, New Jersey, as well as national and international readers and authors."

LitRag Online
A journal of poetry, fiction, and artwork.

Lodestar Quarterly
An online journal of the finest gay, lesbian, and queer literature.

Los: Contemporary Poesy and Art
An online publication of contemporary poetry and art.



MAD HATTERS' REVIEW:  Edgy & Enlightened Literature, Art & Music in the Age of Dementia welcomes writings that address psychosocial issues, the pollution of minds, hearts, bodies and nature. We also welcome purely aesthetic pieces, packed with surprising images and whimsical wordplays and love uncatagorizable experimental pieces.

A "perpetual anthology" exploring modern magical realism.

New Link The Melic Review
Seeking poems, essays, and fiction of the highest quality.

New Link MiPOesias Magazine
Publishes contemporary poetry featuring established writers and new voices. We also feature interviews and reviews.

Mississippi Review Online
A Web-specific version of the magazine, a separate publication, which is an outlet for online fiction, poetry, essays, graphics, sound, video, and similar.

MOAK47 is a cultural workers collective. We are laborers who happen to work with cultural, things like music, art, writing. We use open content to produce and reproduce a collaborative, resistant culture.

Modern American Poetry
"What makes MAPS unique is its emphasis on collaborative process. MAPS is not a single, didactic edifice that hides its agenda behind a veil of authority. It is a living, breathing conversation between hundreds of poets, scholars, and readers, constantly growing and presented in an eminently clear and usable way. Extraordinary in its depth and breadth, and a one-of-a-kind resource for teaching modern American poetry, MAPS provides a single clearinghouse for some of the best criticism on the best poets of our time." Richard Powers

Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women
Moondance is intended to represent the diversity and unique talents of all creative women. Submissions should reflect the interests of an international readership, who are actively seeking information which will assist in improving the quality their lives -- intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

A poetry journal.

Morpho Review
A quarterly journal of poetry, short essays, and stories.

An online journal of poetry and poetics. "Never in and never out of print..."

Murderous signs
A literary zine dedicated to presenting comment, prose, poetry and perspective on subjects literary and cultural, and to the notion that the printed word, well crafted and aimed, can be used as a weapon.

Mystic River Review
Sponsored by the Arlington (Massachusetts) Center for the Arts, MRR features poetry, fiction, and essays by established and emerging writers.



Arkansas Tech University's award winning journal. "We are creating a New Online Edition of Nebo. Our current full issue will be placed online for viewing, and we are creating an online edition only. This doubles your chances for submitted work to be accepted, and allows Nebo to publish outstanding works that do not fit the current theme."

New Link The New Hampshire Review
The New Hampshire Review is a new journal of poetry and politics published online quarterly.

New Millennium Writings
Welcome to New Millennium Writings, a journal filled with vibrant imagery, word-craft and pure story-telling talent. NMW is a Winner of a Golden Press Card Award for Excellence. Submissions welcomed!

New Link The New Review
The New Review is a monthy, on-line journal of short fiction and critical essays on contemporary, visual culture. Our mission is to promote under-represented writers of exceptional talent and to foster awareness of contemporary visual art.

A journal of contemporary art and literature, the 'breeding ground' for the best in Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction.

New Link
NC2 is the second issue of the new literary magazine from As if inevitably caught up in the natural stream of evolution, the literature and arts website has grown legs and has, as they say, hit the ground running.

New Link nthposition
A free online magazine/ezine with politics & opinion, travel writing, fiction & poetry, reviews & interviews, and some high weirdness.

nwhq is a web-journal of hypertexted literature and art that is constructed somewhat like a labyrinth wherein works grow over time. As well as the usual highlighted text, most graphic elements, whether they have borders or not, may be links to other documents. nwhq is free, and will always remain so.

Nupenz: Literary and Art Sampler
An online literary and art magazine. The site includes sampling of
poetry, short fiction and art.



The Occasional
The Occasional is a magazine for people with an independent interest in politics, books, arts, and culture. With new original writing added occasionally and fresh links served Monday through Friday, they hope to draw attention to good writing and provocative ideas on a wide range of topics.

Off Course
An online literary journal supported by the University at Albany, State University of New York. Publishes essays, reviews, short stories, and poetry.

101: one zero one
A hypertext fiction magazine which features stories, poetry, art, theory, film, and video.

Other Voices
An electronic journal of cultural criticism published at the University of Pennsylvania.



New Link PaP
"Poetry about Poetry" Some editors dislike poetry about poetry. Even when such work is published it's often light or self-deprecatory. "Poetry about Poetry" sought to redress the balance by publishing poetry about poetic forms, styles and movements. There were 4 issues and a list of poems about poems.

New Link Paumanok Review
A quarterly Internet literary magazine dedicated to promoting and publishing the best in contemporary art, music, and literature.

New Link Pedestal Magazine
The Pedestal Magazine publishes poetry and fiction by new and established writers. Previous features have included W.S. Merwin, Sharon Olds, and Philip Levine. Most issues also include a featured artist and 5-7 book reviews. A new issue is released every other month

New Link Perihelion
Because at Perihelion, we applaud the use of sound in poetry, the ability of the poet to use it as well as metaphor, image and lineation toward a poem's greater meaning and we happily showcase poems that engage the reader's ear. Listen.

New Link Pif Magazine
Pif publishes a poetry section, a short story section ("Macro Fiction"), a short-short section ("Micro Fiction"), a memoir section, an interview section, a songwriting section, a screenwriting section, craft articles, a zine reviews section, animated cover art, an onsite bookstore, theme-oriented commentary, searchable archives, and Writers Only classifieds.

Pig Iron Malt
An a of poetry and fiction.

The Pittsburgh Quarterly
Online issue of literary magazine for creative fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Includes a directory of poets and writers in the area.

New Link Plazitk Press Literary Magazine
Its emphasis is unique: the interplay between body image, self-identity, and plastic surgery (no, it's not at all stuffy).

Pom2 is a journal of poetic polylogue. Pom2 publishes poems that directly engage or respond to work published in previous issues, with the aim of making the magazine's contents the "property of many."

New Link Poeticinhalation
A monthly online electronic literary journal that includes a blend of experimental poetry art and creative writing by well known as well as up and coming written and visual artists.

New Link
Poetry Community-"Bringing Poets Together"

New Link The Poem Tree
An Online Poetry Anthology

New Link Poetic Voices
Our vision is to provide informational and educational content in the genre of poetry and to promote poets and poetry. This publication is supported by the volunteer efforts of its editors and contributors. Poetic Voices is released between the 1st and 15th of the month.

New Link Poetism
Poetism is a site that represents all genres of poetry, from classical to hip hop. We seek to bridge the poetic gap. While other poetry sites may cater to one specific style/genre/form of poetry, Poetism seeks to serve all....

New Link Poetry Bay - Online Poetry Magazine
Features some of the finest works being produced in contemporary poetry by established and emerging authors. Including poetry, reviews, essays, and interviews, this on-line only publication may be sampled or downloaded from this site.

New Link Poetry Daily
Poetry Daily is an anthology of contemporary poetry which each day brings you a new poem from books, magazines and journals currently in print.

New Link Poetry International Web
a new, worldwide forum for poetry on the internet! PIW will bring you news, reviews, essays, interviews and discussion, but, first and foremost, hundreds of poems by acclaimed modern poets from all around the world, both in the original language and in English translation.

Poets of the Machine
New poetry presented with flair. A site well worth the visit.

New Link PoetsWest
The gateway to on-line information about poets and poetry in the Pacific Northwest.

Prairie Poetry
"Prairie Poetry offers images and poetry from the plains, poems to feed the vast open places of the soul. . . . There is a wealth of poetry at this site written by Americans, Canadians and people from all over the world."

Prairie Schooner
A quarterly journal published by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. "Prairie Schooner publishes short stories, poems, interviews, imaginative essays of general interest, and reviews of current books of poetry and fiction."

A magazine of psychologically-based poetry.

New Link Press 62
Press 62 is a proud perpetuator of poetry, founded by avid versifiers in their twenties. Welcome to our sanity. Swim around!

New Link
Have you written a memorable stories with characters that resonate with the reader days after they read your story?  If so, we'd like to see what you write.  The editors at are dedicated to showcasing the work of the best writers of fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and essays.



Readme is an online journal of poetics featuring interviews, essays and reviews germane to contemporary poetry. Poetry published only in tandem with author interviews and/or critical prose, except in cases of poem-as-reading/critique.

Red River Review
"A fully electronic literary journal. The purpose of this journal is to publish quality poetry using the latest technology. Red River Review is a journal for poets serious enough to have studied the craft of writing and for readers who enjoy being stirred and moved by language. "

RGB Gallery
A synthesis of literary fiction, visual abstraction, and user interaction.

The Richmond Review
The Richmond Review was established in October 1995 as the UK's first literary magazine to be published exclusively on the World Wide Web to bring high quality writing to the web and to promote their favourite authors - whether they're well-known like Salman Rushdie or Shena Mackay, or new faces on the literary scene like Greta Stoddart or Emily Perkins.

Roman Candles
Publishes short stories and poetry.


" is hosted by the Santa Fe Writers Project and features fiction and nonfiction from new authors."

Samizdat is a literary magazine which has been "running" since 1997, its lifeblood a seemingly neverending series of pub based "meetings". Supposedly twice yearly, it has been characterised by some as the world's "most occasional" literary magazine, though "laziest" might be closer to the mark.

The Scruffy Dog Review
A bi-monthly electronic literary magazine offering the best of both traditional and eclectic flash fiction, poetry, short stories, screenplays and book reviews.

The online literary journal of Miami University-Middletown. Segue celebrates and illuminates that alchemical journey and its destinations in a number of ways: Issues feature collections of work by established authors with their commentary on some aspect of the process behind the work. Issues also publish fiction, poetry, and nonfiction by beginning and established writers alike, with a particular eye toward writing that settles in the unsettling territory between what we know and what we don't know.

Sendecki.Com values art and poetry that is original in its choice of subject and/or its approach to it. They prefer work that explores different and/or unconventional, yet engaging, aspects of life. They want poems from imaginative and unconventional writers; we want voices from diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

New Link sidereality
A journal of speculative & experimental poetry

A Poetry Magazine. SHAMPOO is an online magazine that showcases sudsy poetry. it comes to you from somewhere in the San Francisco fog and is updated at the whim of its editor.

A bimonthly online magazine publishing essays, memoirs, reviews, interviews, poems, and fiction.

New Link SleepingFish
SleepingFish magazine is from Calamari Press, a publisher of literary text and art.

A quarterly, online journal devoted to poetry being written around the world. We publish only new, original and previously unpublished poems.

Slow Trains
"We are looking for fiction, essays, and poetry that reflect the spirit of adventure, the exploration of the soul, the energies of imagination, and the experience of Big Fun. Music, travel, sex, humor, love, loss, art, spirituality, childhood/coming of age, baseball, and dreams -- these are a few of our favorite things -- but most of all we want to read about the things you are passionate about. Genre writing is not encouraged (no sci-fi, erotica, horror, romance, though elements of those may naturally be included)."

Small Spiral Notebook
Small Spiral Notebook . . . a venture into something literary. The SSN is not about: politics, narcissism, rattling off book lists to sound intelligent, mean rejection letters, bragging about your mfa programs. They will accept any writer who has a strong narrative, evocative imagery, a character that develops and perhaps has a journey....
This site contains material that is intended for an audience of open-minded adults (and their open-minded children). All artwork, writing, photography, strangeness and unconditional love is courtesy of (and owned by) the artists. They are here for your education, enlightenment and info-tainment. No animals were harmed in the construction of this site.

Snakeskin Poetry Webzine
A monthly webzine of new verse.

New Link Southern Literary Review
The Southern Literary Review celebrates authors of the South and
their contributions to American literature.

Spent Meat
"Spent Meat will contain poetry, short stories, essays, artwork, book reviews, free software reviews for authors, publishing tips, publisher information, and just about anything that may be of interest to authors."

New Link Spindrift Art & Literary Journal
Shoreline Community College's Spindrift Art & Literary Journal has been publishing the work of students, local and regional artists and writers since 1965. Spindrift is the winner of numerous awards for best literary magazine at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival, as well as other regional and national awards.

New Link SpokenWar Cafe
NO Banners NO Bios NO Bullshit

New Link Sparks
a media net

The Square Table
Where creativity and opportunity meet. A Literary and arts smorgasbord showcasing the work of today's talented creative people. Entertaining travel and food pieces, gutsy and thought-provoking essays, honest reviews, enlightening fiction, moving art and photography and revealing interviews with writers, artists, photographers, musicians and others striving to succeed in a creative field. Created by Dina Di Maio, MFA Creative Writing, NYU

The Stickman Review
"The Stickman Review publishes twice a year. We consider previously unpublished fiction, poetry, non-fiction, photography and artwork."

"Stirring is a monthly literary magazine that publishes both poetry and short fiction. We ask simply that your writing resonate. We like images, metaphor, sound, rhythm, dialogue and everything else that makes writing shake and shimmy. "

An online journal focusing on writings from the the new south. Over the last two years storySouth has gained recognition for its unique look at southern writing. Stories, essays, and poetry published in storySouth have been honored by places as diverse as the Chronicle of Higher Education's Arts and Letters Daily and the inlfuential literary weblog MobyLives. In addition, two strories published in storySouth were recently selected for the first anthology of web-published fiction of the year.

Stride Magazine
A webzine of new poetry, short prose, articles, news, reviews and whatever takes their fancy. They don't intend to worry about producing Stride issue by issue, just keep updating what's there on the site.

The Summerset Review
An online journal of fiction and essays

The Susquehanna Quarterly
The purpose of SQ is the cultivation and preservation of poetry in traditional forms and meters, along with poetry which might be termed quasi-traditional in that it is gratifying to the eye as well as the intellect but employs verse froms which are not quite traditional.

New Link Switched-on Gutenberg
A Global Poetry Journal

Electronic literature showcasing the telecom mind. Swagazine focuses on prose and poetry both as art forms and entertainment media. Social, philosophical and liberal political themes are dealt with, but not in a way that mimics news magazines or purely didactic writing.



Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry
An online publisher of Chapbooks and produces the online journal "TMP Irregular"

Tarpaulin Sky Online Literary Journal
Published quarterly and offers highest quality poetry, fiction, nonfiction and images. The journal publishes emerging writers as well as established authors, in an effort to provide an eclectic range of new work.

Tattoo Highway
A journal of prose, poetry and art. "We welcome hypertext and Flash media submissions." See submission guidelines for current themes.

New Link Taverner's Koans
On one hand, we are a poetry journal, presenting contributor poems in "Koans." On the other, this is a site--for poets of all experience levels--to learn how to write poetry better. There are writing exercises, craft essays, essays on under-rated poets, and more.

Thylazine is a biannual literary and arts ezine published and edited by Australian writer and photographer Dr. Coral Hull. They focus on Australian artists, writers and photographers working in the areas of landscape, animals and other areas of special interest, with a strong emphasis on indigenous Australian culture.

Tin Lustre Mobile publishes the work of innovative artists with a
unique vision.

A multilingual literary journal of poetry and fiction.

3 AM Magazine
Literary oriented articles, stories, essays, and documentaries.

Toasted Cheese
"Toasted Cheese accepts submissions of previously unpublished* fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry."

New Link Tool A Magazine
an online poetry site
An online journal of literary culture.

12 Gauge Review
Despite changes since first appearing in print form and evolving onto the Web, 12gauge has always remained true to its original aim: to publish powerful and eloquent fiction and poetry from Brooklyn and beyond.

New Link 24:7 Magazine
Poetry, Prose, Art, Photography.

The 2River View
An electronic journal of poetry and poetics. Since 1996, 2River has been a site of poetry, art, and theory, quarterly publishing The 2River View and occasionally publishing individual authors in the 2River Chapbook Series.

Triplopia, an online poetry magazine, celebrates and explores the potential for new channels of communication to act as evolutionary agents on the ancient art of poetry.



UBUWEB: Visual, Concrete, Sound
UBUWEB welcomes conceptual writing, found poetry, and media work including MP3, sound, and radio.

Unlikely Stories
A collection of literary art.



New Link Virtual Writer
Virtual Writer, a Longford literary Project, is a web site for creative writing based in Co. Longford, Ireland.

Vestal Review
Vestal Review is a free quarterly e-zine devoted to an "underrepresented type of fiction": flash (or short-short) stories.

Village Voice Literary Supplement
One of the biggest and brightest sources for literary commentary and criticism.

New Link Vs.
vs. is an on-line journal devoted to deliberative, satirical, and
downright combative poetry. Using poetry to argue, debate, and
deliberate about issues extra-poetical lost favour in the English
speaking world around the time of the Romantics, and we hope to
reintroduce the practice.



New Link WAG
A magazine for decadent readers.

Wired for Books (Ohio University, Athens)
Enjoy a mix of old and new, either to read or listen to.

Wooden Fish
An online journal that publishes poetry, fiction, and essays three times a year.

New Link Word/For Word
A Journal of New Writing

Word Riot
" We accept submissions of experimental and literary fiction and poetry, as well as essays queried with us first."



Xconnect, Inc.
A tri-annual electronic journal for contemporary art and writing.



Ygdrasil is a journal of the poetic arts and is dedicated to providing the best in modern international poetry and literature. It is a monthly publication and welcomes submission from around the world.



New Link zafusy
Zafusy: on-lineenclosure for experimental poetry, prose and art.

Zero City
Submission guidelines are fairly simple: They pick the best poetry they can find, so only send the good stuff. Read Zero City first, and see what they think is good stuff.

The e-zine for all those who are not dead yet!

Zn new media
Zn is a journal for new media thought and theory, a showcase for new visual and literary art, a launch pad for your own exploration of creativity on the Web. Zn is a library of some of the boldest and most imaginative creative ideas, works, and minds of our time -- a document for history.

An online literary journal featuring prose, poetry, and reviews.

Zuzu's Petal Quarterly
A critically acclaimed journal publishing high quality poetry, fiction, essays, and book reviews. The Quarterly is part of the Zuzu's Petal Literary Resource website offering over 7000 links for writers, breaking art news and an online discussion salon.



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