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Arte En Chicago
The mission of Art In Chicago is to promote art and the culture in all their manifestations in the City of Chicago and surrounding areas. In these pages you will find the events that are happening: cinema, theater, music, poetry, visual arts and also critiques and links to organizations and artists.

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs
Lists the programs and services—and dates of artistic goings on—of the same.

Chicago Women in Publishing
The mission of Chicago Women in Publishing is to provide a forum to recognize and promote the advancement of women in all fields of the publishing industry.

Ernest Hemingway Foundation
Its mission reflects The Foundation's belief in the importance of the written word and the value of thoughtful reading and writing.

Guild Complex
Independent, not for profit cultural center that serves as a forum for literary cross cultural expression, discussion and education in combination with other arts.

Illinois Arts Alliance
Imagine life without the arts.

Illinois Arts Council
This state agency assists artists, arts organizations and other community organizations that present arts programming by providing financial and technical assistance.

Illinois Center for the Book
A non-profit organization promoting books, book arts, libraries, and reading in Illinois. Established in 1985, the organization's chief goal is to stimulate public interest in the written word and encourage the creativity and economic well-being of those who make up the Illinois book community (authors, publishers, booksellers, libraries, teachers, book designers, printers, etc.).

Illinois Humanities Council
A private nonprofit educational foundation that promotes greater public understanding of and appreciation for the humanities statewide.

Illinois Literacy Resource Development Center
Dedicated to imporving literacy policy and practice at the local, state and national levels. It is a non-profit organization supporting literacy and adult education efforts throughout Illinois and the nation.


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Illinois Storytelling Council
Talented storytellers, musicians, and interpreters from Illinois and around the country gather in Spring Grove, Illinois to tell stories passed down for generations, stories of real life, stories of the imagination.

Independent Publishers Group
A book distributor for a large number of independent publishers and small presses throughout the USA and worldwide.

National Writers Union
  The NWU is a labor union that represents freelance writers in all genres, formats and media. Whether you're a journalist, a book author or a techinal or business writer -- whether you write poetry or miscellaneous copy -- the NWU is already working to improve your professional life. They are committed to improving the econoomic and working conditions of freelance writers. The NWU offers grievance resolution, industry campaigns, contract advice, health & dental plans, member education, job banks, networking, social events, and much more.

Neighborhood Writing Alliance
The Neighborhood Writing Alliance is an adult arts program that holds creative writing workshops at libraries and social service agencies in different neighborhoods throughout the city of Chicago. The writing produced in these workshops is published in their magazine the Journal of Ordinary Thought and is distributed for free in Chicago neighborhoods and sent to regular subscribers. To promote the writers they also hold readings and other special events throughout the year.

The Ragdale Foundation
An artists' retreat located in beautiful Lake Forest, Illinois.

A Small Garlic Press
Based in Chicago, Illinois, the Small Garlic Press' mission is to promote literary and educational life; give voice to the voiceless; and provide guidance and influence.

The Tall Grass Writer's Guild
   C/O Outrider Press, Inc.
   937 Patricia Lane
   Crete, IL. 60417-1375
   Phone: 708-672-6630 / 800-933-4680
   Fax: 708-672-5820

An independent writers' guild, enlarging and enhancing the range of services it provides to writers. It has earned the distinction of being the most encouraging and supportive open mike in the Chicagoland area.

Young Chicago Authors
Young Chicago Authors ( is "a 10-year old nonprofit creative writing program. We strive to promote literature and literacy amongst Chicago's urban youth, and make writing accessible through innovative instruction and exciting performance opportunities. "

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