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MANDORLA: Issue 7, 2004

Titles with asterisks link to short excerpts from the texts. Click to download a PDF file.
Títulos con asteriscos remitan a archivos en PDF; haga clic para ver pasajes de los textos.


imageEleni Sikelianos

Poemas de Primeros Mundos

(Traducción de Gabriel Bernal Granados)

Jay Wright

Eleven Poems & a Play*

Vera Kutzinski

Limbo Negro: Jay Wright y su mitología de la escritura

(Traducción de Roberto González Echevarría)*

Carlos Aguilera

Two Poems

(Translated by Todd Ramón Ochoa)

Paul Vanouse

From The Relative Velocity Inscription Device (2002)

Julio Trujillo

Cuatro poemas

Jacqueline Loss

Vintage Soviets in Post-Cold War Cuba

José Kozer

Four Poems

(Translated by Mark Weiss)

Tamara Kamenszain

Cuatro poemas*

Gabriel Gudding

Rhode Island Notebook 9.20.02–9.22.02

Rubén Darío

To Roosevelt

(Translated by Gabriel Gudding)

Paul Hoover

Cuatro poemas

(Traducción de Omar Pérez)

Javier Marimón

Two Poems

(Translated by Rosa Alcalá)

Elizabeth Hatmaker

Three Poems

Reynaldo Jiménez


Nathaniel Mackey

Song of the Andoumboulou: 51

José Lezama Lima

The Ascent

(Translated by Roberto Tejada)

Alfonso D'Aquino


Omar Pérez

Two Poems from Something of the Sacred

(Translated by Kristin Dykstra and Omar Pérez)

Jaime Saenz

From The Night (Part I)*

(Translated by Forrest Gander and Kent Johnson)

Thad Ziolkowski

Dos poemas

(Traducción de Roberto Tejada y Magali Tercero)

Reina María Rodríguez

Two Poems

(Translated by Kristin Dykstra and Nancy Gates Madsen)

Gabriel Bernal Granados

Cuando después es ahora

Peter O'Leary


Ana Rosa González Matute

Dos Poemas

Antonio José Ponte

Six Poems

(Translated by Mark Schafer)

Curtis White

From America's Magic Mountain

Soleida Ríos

From Dirty Text

(Translated by Mark Weiss)

Jorge Guitart

Cinco poemas & The Baby Wears the Mask of Mysterious Closeness

Kass Fleisher

Three Somebodies

Caroline Koebel

From Flurry (2003)

Joel Bettridge

“Whose Lives are Lonely Too”: Harryette Mullen Reading Us into Contingency

Susan Briante

Four Poems

Arnaldo Valero


(Translated by Henrry Lezama)

Nick Lawrence

Five Poems

Pedro Marqués de Armas

Four Poems

(Translated by Kristin Dykstra and Roberto Tejada)

Llamada y respuesta/Call & Response

Carlos Aguilera

Rito Aroche

Caridad Atencio

Jorge Guitart

José Kozer

Omar Pérez

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This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.  Mandorla also thanks the following supporters of Issue 7:  the University of California at San Diego, the McNulty Chair at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and the Department of English at Illinois State University.

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