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Titles with asterisks link to short excerpts from the texts. Click to download a PDF file. Títulos con asteriscos remitan a archivos en PDF; haga clic para ver pasajes de los textos.

MANDORLA: Issue 15, 2012

mandorla 15 cover image

Past Issues:

Issue 14, 2011

Issue 13, 2009

Issue 12, 2009

Issue 11, 2008

Issue 10, 2007

Issue 9, 2006

Issue 8, 2005

Issue 7, 2004

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs
Four Poems

Rolando Sánchez Mejías
Capitulos de la Novela Inédita
Dulce Araña de Tus Sueños

Jaime Permuth

Myriam Moscona
Dos poemas

John Pluecker
Two Ekphrastic Texts from Ford Us Over

Matthew Goulish
Writing from the Performance
Inventory | Inventário
A Duet for Rio | Um dueto para o Rio
Portuguese translation by André Lepecki and Eleonora Fabião

Lila Zemborain
Eight Poems from Rasgado
Translated by Mariela Méndez and Daniel

William Bronk
Un álgebra entre gatos
Traducción de Gabriel Bernal Granados

Severo Sarduy
Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine

Hank Lazer
Five Poems from N20

Evie Shockley
Two Poems

Marjorie Welish
Grupo de palabras
Traducción de Gabriel Bernal Granados

Tomás Harris
From “A Personal History of Fear”
Translated by Daniel Shapiro

Jeffrey Yang
From The Salt Variations
Images by Christine Nguyen

C. D. Wright
De Rising, Hovering, Falling
Translated by Valerie Mejer and Isabel Cadenas Cañón

Roberto Echavarren

Edgar Garcia
Three Poems to Boundary Loot

Estela Lamat
Selections from Pulverized Canine
Translated by Michael Leong

Rodrigo Toscano
From Deck of Deeds

Galo Ghigliotto
From Valdivia
Translated by Daniel Borzutzky

Galo Ghigliotto
Sobre Valdivia y la ciudad de Valdivia

Odi Gonzales
Four Poems
Translated by Lynn Levin

Roberto Appratto
Dos poemas

Anna Maria Hong
Seven Poems

Hilda Doolittle
Traducción de Ana Rosa González Matute

Robert Fernandez
Seven Poems from Pink Reef

Khadijah Queen
Six Poems from loci

Camilo Roldán
An Introduction to Nadaismo
Gonzalo Arango
Jaime Jaramillo Escobar (X-504)

Paul Martinez-Pompa
Three Poems

Oscar Cruz
Tres poemas

Daniel Shapiro
From “The Red Handkerchief”

Guillermo Rebollo-Gil
Tres poemas de Sospechar de la Euforia

Roberto Ransom
From Missing Persons, Animals and Artists
Translated by Daniel Shapiro

Mariela Dreyfus
From “Fish”
Translated by Eileen O’Connor

Reynaldo Jiménez
(a partir de Astro Labio de Alfonso D’Aquino)

Extract from The Middle Notebookes

Roberto Harrison
Drawings and Poems

Chantal Neveu
A Spectacular Influence
Translated by Nathanaël

Rachel Gontijo Araujo

Guy Davenport
El señor Cementerio y el troll
Traducción de Gabriel Bernal Granados

Gabriel Magaña
From Nothingness in the Rough
Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine

Dawn Lundy Martin
Six Poems from Life in a Box Is a Pretty Life

Matthew Henriksen
Two Poems

José Ramón Sánchez
Dos poemas

José Viñals
Five Poems
Translated by Andrés Fisher and Benito del Pliego

Minerva Reynosa
Translated by Stalina Emmanuelle Villarreal

Kent Johnson
Dossier: Andrés Ajens
Andrés Ajens, translated by Erin Mouré
Escrituras al seco, ladino-americas, & other paleonasms: entreview
with/con Andrés Ajens
Once Poemas by Andrés Ajens

Omar Pérez
“Athens and Crete,” from Cubanology
Translated by Kristin Dykstra

Marianela Medrano
Two Poems
Translated by the author and Janet E. Aalfs

Christine Wertheim
Two Works

Reina María Rodríguez
Tres Generaciones

Anna Deeny
Things We Lament: Marosa di Giorgio’s Clavel y tenebrario


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