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MANDORLA: Issue 14, 2011

mandorla 14 cover image

Past Issues:

Issue 13, 2009

Issue 12, 2009

Issue 11, 2008

Issue 10, 2007

Issue 9, 2006

Issue 8, 2005

Issue 7, 2004

John Keene

Three Poems

CIA de Foto


Translated by Roberto Tejada

Jayne Cortez

De Festivales y funerales

Traducción de Gabriel Bernal Granados

Tisa Bryant

From [The Curator]

Mara Pastor

De Canción en los aviones

Juan Emar


Translation by Megan McDowell

Leonel Lienlaf


Juan Carlos Flores

Nueve poemas de Trapiche

Judith Goldman

4 poems from l.b.; or, catenaries

Juan Salzano

Ameba Maga

John-Michael Rivera

From Amatl, an encyclopedia in part

Mark Booth

Bestiary (texts) | piercednightstarvoice (drawings)

María Baranda


Farid Matuk

Commoner Garden

Pablo Medina

Cinco poemas

Susan Gevirtz

Excerpts from CODICIL

Jorge Guitart

Poemas + Poems

Edwin Torres


Cecilia Vicuña

Pensamientos del sonido (siete fragmentos)

Uruguay Dossier: Kent Johnson, Introduction

A Note on this Portfolio for Mandorla

Amir Hamed, translated by Charles Hatfield

Roberto Appratto, translated by Kristin Dykstra

Nancy Bacelo, translated by Ryan Daley and Farid Matuk

Amanda Berenguer, translated by Mónica de la Torre

Selva Casal, translated by Laura Healy

Marosa di Giorgio, translated by Susan Briante and Jeannine Pitas

Roberto Echavarren, translated by Román Antopolsky and Michelle Gil-Montero

Eduardo Espina, translated by Daniel Borzutzky

Gustavo Espinosa, translated by Charles Hatfield

Silvia Guerra, translated by Alex Verdolini and Gillian Brassil

Circe Maia, translated by Mary Crow

Eduardo Milán, translated by John Oliver Simon

Idea Vilariño, translated by Anna Deeny

Jomi Curet

Tres poemas

Justin Petropoulos

Three Poems

Rachel Levitsky

Fragmento de “Neighbor”

Traducido por Valerie Mejer

Amy King

Three Poems

Jack Spicer


Traducción de David Menéndez Álvarez

Roberto Harrison

Impermanent Action

Deborah Paredez

Poems from “Blue and Full of Stars, 1944”

Ana Rosa González Matute


J. Michael Martinez


Carla Faesler

Excerpts from Katabasis Ex-Voto

Translated by Karen Lepri

Timothy Liu

From “Songs for Going Under”

E. Tracy Grinnell

Poemas de Some Clear Souvenir

Tradução de Virna Teixeira

Leonard Schwartz

From The Sleep Talkers

Daniel Borzutzky

Dos poemas

Traducción de Omar Pérez

Amish Trivedi

Three Spring Poems

Kristina Martinez

Three Poems

Gabriel Bernal Granados

Manifiesto contra el ser de la palabra[escolios]

Emily Jones

Two Poems

Reynaldo Jiménez

La Alucinación Que Piensa

Virginia Benítez

Cuban Art in the International Imagination: The Moving Islands of Vicente Hernández

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