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MANDORLA: Issue 13, 2010

issue 13

Past Issues:

Issue 12, 2009

Issue 11, 2008

Issue 10, 2007

Issue 9, 2006

Issue 8, 2005

Issue 7, 2004

Marosa Di Giorgio

Excerpts from Two Books
(Translated by Susan Briante and Anna Deeny)

Raúl Zurita

Little Boy

Dolores Dorantes and Rodrigo Flores

From Intervene
(Translated by Jen Hofer)

Barbara Guest

Seis poemas
(Traducción de Gabriel Bernal Granados)

Marcia Mogro

Excerpts from Semíramis, 16 (MG).—
(Translated by Carol Peters)

Duriel E. Harris

Poems and Excerpts

Graciela Sacco

Square Meter (m2)

Andrea Giunta

Graciela Sacco: Migrations, Bodies, Memories
(Translated by Tamara Stuby)

Andrew Schelling

Salvage Ethnopoetics & Songs from the Gaha-Kosa

Kika Silva

Poemas de la antología del Rey Hala

Keith Waldrop

And Poems

María Rosa Maldonado


Alan Mills

From Syncopes
(Translated by Jen Hofer)

Alejandro Tarrab


Brenda Iijima

Juan Manuel Sánchez


Andrew Zawacki

Five Poems from “Videotape”

Gabriela Jauregui

Poemas | Poems

Michael Burkard

Dos poemas
(Traducción de Gabriel Bernal Granados)

Ariadna Vásquez Germán

Shipwrecked on Naxos
(Translated by Janet Hendrickson)

Kevin Killian

Kylie Acción | Dos Poemas
(Traducción de Gabriela Jauregui)

Adrian C. Louis

Five Poems

Yara I. Liceaga-Rojas


Mateo Morrison

Five Poems from Dorothy Dandridge
(Translated by John Keene)

Roger Santiváñez

Cinco estudios

Aurora Arias

(Translated by Emily A. Maguire)

August Kleinzahler

Cuatro poemas
(Traducción de Gabriel Bernal Granados)

Andrew Schelling

From the Arapaho Songbook

Alberto Basabe González

Doce poemas

Teresa Carmody, Alexandra Chasin, and Davis Schneiderman
The New Chain-Reference Bible, Fourth Improved Edition

Julián Herbert

11 Poetas del norte de México
Teresa Avedoy
Luis Jorge Boone
José Chapa
Hugo García Manríquez
Oscar David López
Sebastián Margot
Manuel Parra Aguilar
Roberto Navarro
Arturo Ramírez Lara
Minerva Reynosa
Margarita-Sayak Valencia Triana

Jorge Fernández Granados

Two Poems
(Translated by John Oliver Simon)

Elena Minor


Roberto Harrison

Snake Vision: A Poetics

Silvia Guerra

Cuatro poemas

Gustavo Martínez González

Hoaxing Round

Lise Goett

Four Poems

Marianne Moore

Poesía (1951)
(Traducción de Ana Rosa González Matute)

Margaret Randall


Reina María Rodríguez

Four Texts from Other Letters to Milena (2003)
(Translated by Kristin Dykstra with Images by Lili Maya)

Julián Herbert

Dueña Del África (Romance)

Sergio Medeiros

Vegetal Sex
(Translated by Raymond L. Bianchi)

Elizabeth Grosz

Sexo Animal
(Traducción de Jaime Soler Frost; Traducción de notas: Gabriel Bernal Granados)

Juliet Lynd

“Hondo Es El Pozo Del Tiempo”: Memory And Violence In Raúl Zurita’s Las Ciudades De Agua (2007)


Special Thanks

"This issue was made possible in part by a Program Grant from the Illinois Arts Council as well as partial support from Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Austin (College of Fine Arts)." 

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